Happy Birthday Jin!

The soulful Lovelyz co-Main Vocal turns 19!

lovelyz-jin soompi

All the Lovelyz can be loved for innumerable righteous reasons, but for Jin I will mention in particular that soulful, longing quality in her voice and her feature.  If there were a melancholy Lovelyz (besides poor Jisoo), it would be Jin, whose favorite music genre is the ballad and who obsesses over one song at a time for weeks.  Jin I think is the most earnest member– and though I cannot play favorites among such a gamut of goddesses, perhaps it is an affinity we have.

OMGoodness, has MBC given Show Champion its own youtube page?  All this time I’ve been like, did Lovelyz not do “Hi” on Show Champion?!  OMG there’s new “Hi” stages to watch!

Alas, poor Jin had a cold when they recorded “Joyland”/”Amusement Park” so she doesn’t have any recorded lines in the song.  But we still get to see her dance on stage– and Lovelyz’s recording career has just begun!

I hardly need underline how quickly and absolutely this amazing girl group has swept up my heart in their dream of loveliness.  Indeed, while out of respect to Jisoo I abstained from posting about them last November and December, they already had achieved a galvanic effect upon my imagination, and it only grows with each new song, each new interview, each and every day!

Lovelyz jpopasia 30122-radiance-7n7i

Darling Jin, we wish you all happiness today, and always.  A sweet Korean 20th (Western 19th) to you!  Jin and Lovelyz hwaiting!



  1. I think Jin would be my favorite too, but I’d like to make ‘Lovelyz’ to all of them first—just to make sure! lol

    1. Well, she’s one of my top FOUR, tbh

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