“Am I the only person who doesn’t care if they’re called racist anymore”?

–“and wear it as a badge of honor?” asks commenter Bradley at this yahoo news piece on Muslim “immigrants” in the Netherlands marching in demand of white classmates to feed to their black schools.

No, Bradley, you’re not the only one!

The article(h/t the conservative aggregator Ovenworthy)  is almost too painful to read: it includes, of course, a deluded white prepubescent liberal do-gooder child imploring her racist society to help us all with “learning to live together”– as if you can call what nappy-headed hos do “living”.  Listen, girlfriend:  we’re going to “live together” fine once we send that ign’ant ass hairbraided African heifer back to her home pasture, we iz.  Because blacks, Muslims, and black Muslims are not capable of “living” under Western law, Western economics, or Western “culture”– meaning  you are all too likely to see your black “friend” some day soon leave you for dead and/or gangraped by her cousins.  It is precisely because of these hateful proclivities (on top of the afore-alluded-to stupidity and economic unproductivity) that, come hell or high water, we are going to kick these scum back to the homelands they have no right to flee from.  The Hell they claim to flee is only–themselves.  Let Europe shut its doors against Hell.

Commenter Mary adds:

So let me get this straight…countries who are predominantly white invade and control countries who are not. Those invaders were eventually forced out of power. The former government resumes power. Now the citizens of said countries are fleeing those countries to go live with the white folks who originally invaded their countries. AND they WANT to integrate the schools they attend. Huh??? You guys need to make up your minds. Then again, maybe you’re beginning to realize those white folks and their customs weren’t so bad after all? The crazy thing about it is that I’m getting the feeling you want those white folks you want to integrate with to change their customs to accommodate YOU…. Wait, what??? Huh? I need a drink…this is sooo confusing.

–I need a drink.  And an immigration moratorium.

God bless Janine, my childless lesbian Indian hipster friend, but it is time for Europe to begin the difficult and hopefully peaceful-as-possible process of returning to its native state as a 100% white continent.

That means no Islam.  That means no Arabs or Moors.  That means no blacks.

Even the white women who have foolishly mated with Arabs or Africans should, in my view, be forced to immigrate, possibly to America.  We’ve got enough space, socially as well as physically, to accommodate them.  All else being equal, it would be better for their mulatto children to mingle among New World mulattos than try and impose themselves upon pure white families in Europe.  White people in America have long experience in keeping themselves pure from blacks– the only real trouble right now is we need to regain that ancient wisdom among ourselves, as well as apply the necessary moral and legal rigor to keep blacks within the straits of basic civility.

Ultimately, of course, America deserves to be purified of unassimilable aliens as well.  I’d be willing to cut off a few territorial chunks if need be– we’ve got a lot of space, as I said; and, unlike Europe, none of it is so immemorially white that it cannot be parted with.  This is not to say, of course, that there were that many natives to take it from– I have no dainty scruples about civilizing a continent that was mostly empty (as well as savage) to begin with.  But giving back the Galston Purchase or, in a pinch, all of New Mexico, to Mexico wouldn’t upset the course of history the way, say, letting the Moors retake Spain would.  [NB:  That said, neither would bombing the hell out of Mexico in order to teach it to keep its peasants at home.]

America needs to halt all immigration.  The many-more-than-11-million illegal aliens should be soundly rounded up (in part by making sure they can receive no employment, welfare benefits, or free medical care) and deported.  Multigenerational Hispanics who either have no loyalty to the United States or are incapable of providing for themselves should be encouraged, by escalatingly severe means as required, to relocate to their ancestral villages.

But in the case of Europe there is no moral necessity for patient delay.  Indeed, patience there is a vice.  These “immigrant” scum should be boated up yesterday.  Refugee boats should be halted and, as necessary, torpedoed.  All “refugees” on European soil should immediately be deported.  Citizenship in European nations should be legally redefined so as to strip all present persons of non-European lineage of their spurious status as “citizens”, and all noncitizens not engaged in peaceable and conspicuously socially profitable work should be removed posthaste; indeed, even the exemptions should be kept on only in a provisional capacity, it being nothing in the interest of European nations to promote the creation of a permanent class, however small, of racially or culturally foreign people in their midst.  The Jews– who also have a home they need to return to– provide all-too-alarming an illustration of the pitfalls of that sort of “diversity”.  It is perfectly reasonable, furthermore, to implement anti-miscegenation laws.  And, I might add, perfectly reasonable to place travel bans on the entry of persons of undesired national, religious, or racial heritage.  Why in God’s name should Europe allow in black American tourists, for example?  They don’t know or care a damn thing about European cultural achievement.  All they want is to desecrate naïve white poon.  If they should be returned in the diplomatic bag, who the devil is the United States to complain?  Let us deal with our filth at home, not empower it to go abroad.

Incidentally: not the least of the reasons why America is hated abroad is because we introduce blacks into their midst by way of the military uniform.  I would be happy to see all American military personnel sent home anyway; but why should not sovereign nations have the right of veto over what racial groups are sent to live on their territory?  It is obvious today that the United States wants bases in Germany, Korea, and Japan much more than Germany, Korea, and Japan want American bases.  America’s obnoxious ideology of “tolerance” and “diversity” not only shitstains its own country, but fouls the nests of friend and foe.

The world has not asked to become Brazil.  The world has the right to use every means conceivable, as necessary, to resist becoming Brazil.  If the means outlined above sound too “harsh”, understand that yet more means are certainly thinkable, and more than thinkable.  Europe belongs to Europeans, the white Christian race– today, and forever.  All white people everywhere owe a patriotic debt to their people to defend them, by tooth and claw as required.



  1. I’m not sure that America needs a moratorium on immigration, but we need a serious overhaul of the system. Right now, immigrants who contribute to the culture are practically barred from entry while those who undermine it have no trouble getting here.

    Not long ago, Obama opened the doors for ‘sexual minorities’ who weren’t wanted in the own countries. Try getting into the US with an engineering or medical degree, though.

    As for the Blacks, if they don’t want to be here, I’m all taking over part of Africa and giving them a colony there. One of their own ‘Civil Rights Leaders’—Marcus Garvey—wanted to do just that. But he’s ignored by Academia too.

  2. Marcus Garvey was a righteous Negro– you know, this is strange for a number of reasons, but Marcus Garvey was mentioned in one of my later elementary school Social Studies books, and I never forgot his name or his mission. I suspect most white people, the first time they hear of him, feel something leap up inside their chests– the thought of an alternate universe, followed by a pang of regret– “what went wrong?!”

    lolzlzl I suspect you don’t want that moratorium door shutting on Missus Eric! Well, we might be able to work out an exception for you. And of course, we may need to take in white refugees from the genocide in South Africa, Sweden, etc. Maybe even the small Mideast Christian sects.

    But altogether, I’m confident a twenty-year moratorium is needed, and should be advocated for. It’s rooted in historical reality, after all, and coincided with a period of national greatness we can rightly feel nostalgic for.

    Speaking of degrees and Sweden: I was reading a woefully hilarious translated account from Swedish media about these Syrian refugees they’ve taken in, tens of thousands of whom claim to be “academics”. It turns out only a handful have any credentials; a liberal spokeswoman was vehemently running interference for them, saying things like, “When you’re a refugee you don’t have your papers in order!” She kept digging herself deeper and deeper into Orwellian, illogical denial of the fact she had nothing to back up these preposterous claims on behalf of the “refugees”. The Swedes truly are an especially mad people– I often think of them now as the ethno-suicidal flip side to the Jews in their neurotic, moralistic madness. I would not date a Swede!

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