107 Days of Rainbow’s “Innocent”

Already this epochal musical journey has outlasted Napoleon’s last hurrah by a week, and it’s well to remember that, though now the days are humid and the morning skies burn with unwholesome brightness, it has not been so long since February snows whitened the fields along the country roads I took, many a time then, to Mom’s place in the country, where I would bide my time with 70s Oscar bait on TCM and rub the dog and read Glittering Images in bed by the lamplight and think, longingly, of getting back to civilization where, though I would no longer enjoy fields, or dog, or even Robert Redford (a guilty pleasure, I confess), I would have once more Lovelyz and Laboum and A Pink and–from February 23rd, released in the midst of all this– Rainbow’s return with “Black Swan”.

And now we have June: but in the weeks and months ahead– for months, too, will finally fly forward, hurtling us past summer’s strange ways, which have, I confess, their own mysterious pleasures, if only from K-pop– there will come again,– one thinks, one is almost certain– some fresh mix of the joys above.  Not in the same exact measure, no doubt:  Winter 2014-15 will always have its privileges.  But there will again be snow, and there will be Mom, and, God willing, the dog will live healthfully for years to come.  And there will be Lovelyz and Laboum.  There will be, already, a summer megahit album from A Pink that will be part of the very fabric of my soul, and then yet another, holiday, A Pink album straight ahead.

And there may be, we yet hope, a reprieve for poor Rainbow, and another new record.  But if not, if not– we have “Black Swan”, and the Innocent album, with us always; and though it has been with us only 107 days, it has made all the difference– as such enchanted luminous things always do.


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