You Learn a New Word Everyday: On “Zydokomuna”

Vox Day gets around to responding to that Cohen dude’s piece about how the Jews took our great republic in the 1930s and “re-imagined America” (thanks a lot, Jews!), and in the comments karsten adds this excellent explanation from a Polish perspective:

I am half-Polish, and the Polish half of the family has lived in eastern Poland for untold centuries. They know, first hand, the nature of the Jew in a way that most Westerners don’t. People here are ambivalent about any criticism of the Jews, but the truth is, the Poles know the Jews, and in particular, they know what the Jews are like when they consolidate political and economic power in a nation, as they did in Poland. It’s not pretty. Where the Western world is now going, that’s where Poland was prior to the war. Or to put it another way, the Jews are turning the Western world into one big Sztetl — a Jewish hegemony and everyone else living a subsistence existence. Oh, and yes, the Polish term is “Zydokomuna,” which means, “Judeocommunism.” We don’t differentiate between the two because communism, from the old economic Marxist brand to the current Cultural Marxist malignancy, IS Judaism.

–This is something I think about a lot lately; in fact, I was just pacing around mulling it over about an hour ago.  You really can’t make a clean distinction and blame destructive Jewish tendencies on the “atheist Jews” or the “left-wing Jews” or “the New York Jews”, or even “the atheist, left-wing, Neo-Con, New York, and Likkudnik Jews”.  That last one, perhaps, comes close to catching all the Jews who create existential problems for the West, I grant, but even the Hasidic, though they’re too tangential and insular on their own to really threaten civilization, are still really obnoxious dicks.

But especially when it comes to the late 19th Century and moving forward, Communism and Jewish identity are so intertwined as to be practically inseparable.  Hence the unending defense of the poor libeled honor of Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs, and the endless Hollywood and academic propaganda against Joe McCarthy, “our” version of Hitler.  Because how dare anyone call out Jews for being Communist Jewish?  Communism is just another way of saying “Jew gonna Jew”.  NAJALT, yes:  but “Neo-Conservative” Jews are like that, just like the New Deal Jews, the Trotskyite Jews, the Stalinist Jews, and so on.

So for practical safety, it’s perhaps best to start from “we don’t differentiate between the two” until thoroughly proven otherwise.  And at the worst, Jews have a very well-defended homeland waiting for them with open doors– doors shut tight against all other applicants.  As should European doors be.  As should American doors.


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