The Rake’s Progress: Roosh Confronts the Heart of Sterility

Legendary gamecock Roosh continues to fan rumors he’s packed up his Caddy for a nice drive down the road to Damascus with this controversial essay on Evolutionary Psychology:

Anti-evolutionary behaviors should have been weeded out of the gene pool according to the idea of natural selection, but the more I looked around, the more I saw nothing but my own behavior, of people who were actually frightened to death about being a parent even though they were healthy and could afford to raise children. In fact, the sum of Western ideologies seem aimed to specifically halt human reproduction. [emphasis mine]

–Many Vox Day readers, the majority no doubt sympathetic to Roosh’s critique of evolutionary thought, admit there are flaws in his essay’s logic, and I agree.  Some of the wording is either hasty or otherwise deplorable (“We must therefore conclude, with logic and rationale, that evolution is so flawed . . . ” –whatever does it mean to conclude “with logic and rationale”?).  But bear in mind:  Roosh, if I understand correctly, has a degree in microbiology, so even if he’s shaky on some philosophical issues or even his choice of syntax, he’s not simply some facebook “f**kin’ love SCIENCE(TM)” dummy.  And his critics at Vox Day are largely Christians who spurn the entire theory of evolution to begin with.  This essay is part of a sophisticated debate, to which the average Daily Show watching airhead need not apply.

For what it’s worth, I don’t reach for the salts at the mention of EvoPsych.  As an essentialist and an hereditist, I am always grateful to entertain open and impolitic speculations about the sexes and the races.  Evolutionary psychology is the only thing approaching a “discipline” which goes into these places right now.  What they miss, of course, is only God and Telos, which are about the biggest facts there are in the universe.  Metaphysically, this is a huge problem.  I can’t blame anyone of an Aristotelian or Thomistic turn of thought from spurning the whole enterprise like Gomorrah.  But I’m willing to tune in to the program, just to pick up all sorts of tidbits which, in a healthier marketplace of ideas, we might just as readily receive from a traditionalist Vatican.  I’m not much interested in paleo-archeology either (I’m resigned to the thought that the full movements of ancient men will forever prove a morass we can never map with certainty; and even if we could, the answers will never be as interesting as Plutarch’s Lives), but as a believer in the existence of races I am bound to pay some attention to the subject, if only as it might illuminate certain aspects of our modern lives.

But what’s momentous here is that Roosh, a legendary poonhound and almost unrivaled hedonist, is voicing despair of the (literal) sterility of contemporary Western culture.  The sentence I bolded in the quote above says it all, in terms of startling “diamond bullet” clarity.  That line alone may lift this essay to immortality.

Obviously, Roosh has been a strident exporter (again, literally) of some of the worst excesses of some of these Western ideologies.  In a sense, the man’s lived almost as the embodiment of “Globalism”.  The economy of the Kingdom of Sprits must demand much of him if he is to repay his debt.  But this new thinking gives powerful witness to the lurking despair at the heart of glib PoMo debauchery, and may induce a kind of heliotropic movement in his readers towards the light of Truth.


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