Further Misadventures of Emma Sulkowicz

She’s released a porno video art piece!

I’ll skip the parts with all the embedded links to a video I trust I won’t be watching too soon:

The introduction, which appears to have been written by Sulkowicz, notes that both parties consented to the activities shown in the film. It is presented in split-screen and was filmed with cameras arranged around the room. Proceeding both the introduction and the film is a trigger warning.

A portion of the text reads:

Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol is not about one night in August, 2012. It’s about your decisions, starting now. It’s only a reenactment if you disregard my words.  It’s about you, not him,” Sulkowicz writes. “You might be wondering why I’ve made myself this vulnerable. Look—I want to change the world, and that begins with you, seeing yourself. If you watch this video without my consent, then I hope you reflect on your reasons for objectifying me and participating in my rape, for, in that case, you were the one who couldn’t resist the urge to make Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol about what you wanted to make it about: rape.”

–Uhhhhhh . . . . hu–WHAT?!?!?

What is this crazy gibber about?  Isn’t this sex tape your decision, sweetie?  I don’t think it’s about me or him– it’s all about you.  “Look– I want to change the world”– Jew gonna Jew, I guess, even if she’s half chink.  But I think it’s you we’ll be seeing in this sex tape.  And how can we watch the video “without your consent” when you posted it for free on the internet?  Wha–??  “Objectifying” you– you hired the camera crew, Emma.  “Participating in your rape”– wait, you just said this video is NOT about “one night in August, 2012”.  I assume that refers to some evening of Snuggling Gone Wrong which you decided was “rape”, but you just expressly stated that your new sex tape is “only a reenactment” if I disregard your words!?  WTF Emma!

And any way, like I just told you, I AM resisting the urge to watch your sex tape!  In fact, the only thing that might tempt me is the thought that you might be rocking one of your funky seagreen hairdos in it– oh god, don’t tell me you are because that might make me really horny and then I might–

A pensive Jasian hipster in Autumn-- I'd snuggle that, except she's a f**king lunatic

A pensive Jasian hipster in Autumn– I’d snuggle that, except she’s a f**king lunatic

–No.  No.  You know what, Emma?  To be honest, and to shame myself in front of any casual readers from the manosphere, you’d be hot to me if you only weren’t an evil bitch.  As it happens, though, you’re not the only half-chink girl in the world who wants to snuggle in the “but”.  And some of those girls aren’t even half-Jewish either.  Hell, some of them didn’t go to Columbia for four years in order to make illiterate sex tapes on the internet.  Lord, I think I’m getting a migraine!  You are so damned mixed-messaged, girl.  Emma, I’m done with you.  No, I don’t want to snuggle.  Just get off me.  Get– OFF me!  No, I don’t need a headache as an excuse.  You’re crazy, that’s all.

And I don’t think you know French, either.





  1. Eric · · Reply

    The scariest part of all this is realizing this the kind of mind Columbia University produces.

    1. Fred Reed recently surveyed a few other idiocies from fair Columbia:


      quote: “Any girl who feels “unsafe” on reading classical poetry belongs in an asylum (some would argue that at Columbia she already is) or else she is engaging in forever-thirteen passive-aggressive rebellion against professors confused with her father. She obviously has no interest in Ovid.”

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