Sometimes, The Whole Internet Sounds Just Like Andrea Ostrov Letania

The most influential film blogger/commenter in the Alternative Right replicates her satiric and exuberant style of social and critical commentary to regions far and wide, as if by a sort of osmosis she imposes upon her readers– truly, her imitators are legion!  Here in the comments at an excellent Fred Reed essay one “The Priss Factory” (Blade Runner fan?) uncannily replicates the sharp-witted insights and philosophical machinery I know and love in the original and inimitable Miss Ostrov Letania herself:

And then you got the girls.
On the one hand, they love being sluts. They feel liberated cuz they can now go to dance clubs, stick their ass out, have men bump/pump them, and have sex all over. As horny guys will hump just about anything, even average-looking girls can get action. I mean if Lena Dunham got some ‘action’, any girl can. Most girls will not put out to an average guy, but most guys will hump even an average girl. Different sex drives and instincts.

“O brave new world, that hath such”– ah, yeah, whatevs . . .

So, girls think it’s great that they can get humped so easily. They love being sluts, hussies, strumpets, whores, and the like. They flaunt their sexuality.
But these same girls are screaming about ‘rape culture’!!!!! They are complaining about how society sees them as sex objects than as intelligent, thinking, and sensitive human beings.
So, girls act like gorillas in heat but also expect to be treated like high class ladies.
They think they can get tattoos and piercing all over but be treated as women of dignity.
“I act like trash, you treat me like treasure.”

[ . . . . ]

Now, if girls only want the humping, it’s no problem.
But some slutty girls fall in love with some guy. But because they act slutty, the guy’s attitude is ‘I will hump and dump her’. He won’t see a hussy as trustworthy partner for longterm relationship. This makes the girl feel jilted, and some scream ‘rape’ to get even.

I suspect this is what happened with Emma Sulkowicz. She chose the life of a slut. But she found some guy she really liked. But the guy’s attitude was hump-and-dump since Emma was such a Dunham-like slut. So, she likely felt jilted and decided to get even by playing the poor helpless victim of a ‘rapist’.

What is to be said about a world where girls are encouraged to lose virginity soon as possible, dance to rap songs that call them ho’s and biatches, and grow up to internet porn BUT THEN are also encouraged to see everything as a ‘trigger’ for rape of their oh-so-sensitive-and-pure-bodies.

“I’m sensitive/ And I’d like/ To stay that way!”

Today’s girls are thus more vulgar, aggressive, and culturally wilder than earlier generation of women but also more thin-skinned, fragile, and whiny than earlier generation of women.

They are rougher but not tougher. (They are touchier).

–Touche, Miss Priss.  I’m always delighted to hear the echoes of yet another Andrea Ostrov Letania fangirl picking up her heroine’s hilarious cadences on the internet.  They’re all so energetic and loquacious, I can hardly imagine how a dozen of them could manage to churn out so much unique content!



  1. Eric · · Reply

    It reminds me of a story my great-grandmother told of the Old Country (her parents came from France). A cavalier came into a tavern and saw a thug harassing one notorious local slut. She kept looking at the cavalier and screaming “Isn’t there a gentlemen here who’ll step in?”

    Finally, the cavalier stood up and drew his sword, and said :’Madame, I will defend your honor, even though you’ve never bothered to defend it yourself!’

    The whole tavern burst out laughing, the slut slipped away in shame, and the duel was never fought. But today, we need more men like that cavalier. LOL

    1. “Black knighting”, they’re calling it in the New Country! lzlolz

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