The Longing for Lawrence Auster, Esq.

Across the ether between gameliness and Godliness, the poolside and the Gates of Pearl, heartiste lets tweet a tender wistful sigh:

Anyone else have a wistful longing for what Lawrence Auster, Esq., would have had to say about Bruce Jenner?

–Amen.  I don’t know what else there is to say, except I can only assume that Jenner is in it for– Auster wouldn’t have put it so bluntly, but perhaps if he were alive and well, I might even write in (using suitable euphemisms) with my theory– the black dick he obviously relishes for his daughters.  Like the Wachovski sibling with the dominatrix, who fancied lesbian S&M for so long he finally decided he was a lesbian, I think Jenner’s been letting his wicked bitch of a wife whore out his daughters to blacks for so long, he’s decided (or been cajoled) to try it for himself.  The sacrificial whoredom imposed by projection upon the girls of the house has finally become his own.

So my bets are on seeing Jenner with a negro shortly.


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