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Shall We Take This Inside?

Vox Day commenter Chris Ritchie poses these questions: And this is the $64,000 question: What line does the enemy have to cross before we defend ourselves? 1. Our national border? When millions of unregistered illegal aliens are given the right to vote thus nullifying our honest votes? Is that when? 2. Our national laws? When […]

“In many ways, it will be a perfect album”: The Return of A Pink

—Promises a representative of A Pink on behalf of their new album, due July 16th, entitled Pink Memory.

Criminally Genius: “Killer Fish”

I saw this film twice on tv when I was a kid, and I loved it so much: –not least because the lead bad guy, played by James Franciscus, is absolutely one of the coolest– and most cerebral– bad guys in movie history.  Even as a boy slight enough to be mocked by his cousins when a little […]

Somali Filth Rapes 12 year old, gets 180 hours community service

Hat-tip Heartiste: On November 10 last year the 18-year-old Somali immigrant, Muhamed, lured 12-year-old Ida to his home in the Swedish city of Sundsvall. Muhamed had claimed to be in possession of intimate pictures of the young child and promised he would give them back – if she followed him to his apartment. But instead […]

Get This Nazi Gay Bullshit Off My Internet

WordPress greets me with the stats banner gone RAINBOW!!! Fascists.  People have a right not to believe in God just because they can’t find Him under a microscope. You know what I can’t find under a microscope?  “Civil rights”. So call me an atheist towards your new “Civic Religion” and get your religious bullshit out […]

False Flag?

I’ve seen the photoshop analyses, and I’ve skimmed some of the improbably articulate “manifesto” of the drug-zombie-looking killer, but Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife has posted this video, even amid assertions of her incredulity, and I have to admit– boy oh boy, does this feel like some 1970s Brian De Palma thriller we’re stuck […]

Paul Joseph Watson’s Faces of Eve

Even more viscerally overwhelming than “Feminist Music”, if you can believe it:  Paul Joseph Watson takes us through an alter ego “Trans-Odyssey”: I’ve watched this, but I’m not sure I’m ready to repeat the experience.  Actually the “experience” is a bit like watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom while high on something.  It […]

The A Pink July 2015 Comeback: First Teaser Photo

Girls’ Leak!: The Secret Tape of the Last 9NSD Video Unveiled!

Are these tears in my eyes?: Yep, all this time people have been murmuring that Jessica was recorded for the most recent SNSD single (or rather, the first 8NSD single), “Catch Me If You Can” before getting scrubbed from the final product, and now, out of the blue, some enterprising soul has leaked the mythical […]

Mahler/Auster: A Synchronicity of Final, Unfinished Masterworks

Make of it what you will:  I broke down last night and listened to the Adagio of Mahler’s unfinished Symphony No. 10– or, to be more precise, the movement once known and performed as all that was left of the unfinished Tenth, which today is frequently recorded in various restorations, as Mahler’s draft sketch of the entire […]

Dreams of Happy Dirty Old Manhood

I sometimes wonder if there comes a point, when you’re old enough a man, where you say to yourself:  “Now I am an old, old man, and soon– just two or three years more– I’ll be dead; but now, at this moment, I am alive, and  every time I look at a beautiful young woman from […]

Kick Ass, Napoleon!

Yesterday, 200 years prior, Emperor Napoleon I delivered a much-needed ass-kicking to the do-gooder interloping Prussian bastards at the Battle of Ligny.  The rights of Frenchmen everywhere to assert their own identity through fawning adoration of the most badass m*th*f*ck* in human history have been manfully upheld!  Boatloads of dadblamed foreigners will not be telling us how […]

Namjoo & Sungjae: “Photograph”

A Pink’s irradiant Kim Namjoo provides all the necessary subtitles just by her look: –in this winsome duet for all the summer lovers in the enchanted kingdom of Korea.  The loveability turns up to 11!

Laboum’s 80s “Fantasy”

This Laboum “filler” track from the Sugar Sugar EP is the height of K-pop obscurity: I see only this one Eng Sub upload on youtube, with all of 54 views.  But it’s a worthwhile song, with canny retro production and a shimmering, minimalistic palette of soft synths and fluttery vocals. Much as I root for Crayon […]

Eunjung/Elsie featuring Hyomin: “I’m Good”

I’d been waiting for this– so long, I forgot to keep looking till it came out. Eunjung (as “Elsie”) recorded this single with K.Will as her sidekick but, as is often the case with idol solo side projects, during promotions she rotated through a roster of on-stage collaborators; and happily, her own bandmate Hyomin turned up […]

Happy Birthday Jin!

The soulful Lovelyz co-Main Vocal turns 19! All the Lovelyz can be loved for innumerable righteous reasons, but for Jin I will mention in particular that soulful, longing quality in her voice and her feature.  If there were a melancholy Lovelyz (besides poor Jisoo), it would be Jin, whose favorite music genre is the ballad […]

“Am I the only person who doesn’t care if they’re called racist anymore”?

–“and wear it as a badge of honor?” asks commenter Bradley at this yahoo news piece on Muslim “immigrants” in the Netherlands marching in demand of white classmates to feed to their black schools. No, Bradley, you’re not the only one! The article(h/t the conservative aggregator Ovenworthy)  is almost too painful to read: it includes, […]

Confucius says: “though you go among barbarians . . .”

Once when Fan Ch‘ih asked about virtue, the Master said: ‘In private life be courteous, in handling public business be serious, with all men be conscientious. Even though you go among barbarians, you may not relinquish these virtues.’ –Analects, Bk XIII, 19 Courtesy, seriousness, and conscientiousness are troublesome enough, but with Confucius’ kindly sagacity to […]

“Whom the gods love are gods themselves . . .”

“and those who have worshipped should be worshipped too.” –Says honest Ovid in Book VIII of the Metamorphoses, and to whom better may this sanctifying formula be applied than God’s most beloved A Pink?

Where in the World is Lovelyz’ “Pops in Seoul” episode for “Hi”?

It kills me when my favorite stuff disappears down the youtube hole. Well, here’s the actual content, but embedded in a bunch of intro fluff that was cut from the version I’ve known and loved.  Which certainly was an official Arrirang K-pop edit, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to find it.  […]

Happy Birthday ZN!

The Laboum dancer/rapper/subvocal turns 21! An event sure to be observed by the members of Laboum with (what else?) a party– the likes of which we may infer from their televised frolics as memoralized thrice already on Pops in Seoul: We wish young ZN (say it almost like “Jen”, but “Che-in”) a happy birthday, happiness […]

107 Days of Rainbow’s “Innocent”

Already this epochal musical journey has outlasted Napoleon’s last hurrah by a week, and it’s well to remember that, though now the days are humid and the morning skies burn with unwholesome brightness, it has not been so long since February snows whitened the fields along the country roads I took, many a time then, […]

KARA Mumblecore: Youngji’s Whispery Rap

Fans of KARA’s lush new maknae Youngji (10 kilograms less lush than at debut, supposedly, but she still has an apple hip which, especially against her scarecrow bandmates, really counts for something) may nonetheless scratch their heads over their heroine’s exceptionally reedy rap sequence on comeback single “Cupid”: For the discerning listener, K-pop has all […]

Rich Cohen’s Idiotic Jewish Narcissism

In addition to being obnoxious and racist, it’s worth considering whether many of our most vaunted Jewish intellectuals are not also illiterate: Probably the scariest sentence in the Bible, and maybe in all of Western literature, comes early in Exodus. “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.” It suggests […]

You Learn a New Word Everyday: On “Zydokomuna”

Vox Day gets around to responding to that Cohen dude’s piece about how the Jews took our great republic in the 1930s and “re-imagined America” (thanks a lot, Jews!), and in the comments karsten adds this excellent explanation from a Polish perspective: I am half-Polish, and the Polish half of the family has lived in […]

Further Misadventures of Emma Sulkowicz

She’s released a porno video art piece! I’ll skip the parts with all the embedded links to a video I trust I won’t be watching too soon: The introduction, which appears to have been written by Sulkowicz, notes that both parties consented to the activities shown in the film. It is presented in split-screen and […]

The Rake’s Progress: Roosh Confronts the Heart of Sterility

Legendary gamecock Roosh continues to fan rumors he’s packed up his Caddy for a nice drive down the road to Damascus with this controversial essay on Evolutionary Psychology: Anti-evolutionary behaviors should have been weeded out of the gene pool according to the idea of natural selection, but the more I looked around, the more I […]

PS: Deflation isn’t necessarily bad

Still reading the delicious, July 13th 1789 comments at the WSJ [NB:  Yes, I would’ve supported the monarchy, but an analogy has to be made– and our financial monarchs are Jacobins and our revolution is Reaction], I have to add on this fine comment in defense of one of my own heterodoxies, deflation.  Historian John […]

F**k the Fed: Wall Street Journal Readers Rebel

[UPDATE:  Zerohedge happily has preempted my endeavor with their own anthology.] They’re already “deleting comments left and right” on this WSJ editorial, to which my attention has eagerly been drawn here by commenter guy.  If the WSJ doesn’t want them, I’ll steal quote a few for history’s sake.  Or, since perhaps the WSJ does “want them” […]

Sometimes, The Whole Internet Sounds Just Like Andrea Ostrov Letania

The most influential film blogger/commenter in the Alternative Right replicates her satiric and exuberant style of social and critical commentary to regions far and wide, as if by a sort of osmosis she imposes upon her readers– truly, her imitators are legion!  Here in the comments at an excellent Fred Reed essay one “The Priss Factory” […]

Wordsworth: An Humorous Paraphrase (and an original)

Since Dalrock Frankfarter Boxer sees fit to malign the Lake Poets as sissy feminists (when he’s not running his 24/7/365 defense for Marx, Marcuse, Adorno, and all the other blameless bigwigs of Cultural Marxism), I took an especial delight in this witty and web-weary variation on Wordsworth from noted traditionalist philosopher Thomas Bertonneau: The Web […]

The Longing for Lawrence Auster, Esq.

Across the ether between gameliness and Godliness, the poolside and the Gates of Pearl, heartiste lets tweet a tender wistful sigh: Anyone else have a wistful longing for what Lawrence Auster, Esq., would have had to say about Bruce Jenner? –Amen.  I don’t know what else there is to say, except I can only assume […]