Happy Birthday Yoona!

The Lead Visual of the band formerly known as SNSD turns 25!

Sigh.  Sigh.

–Yoona, I know you know my heart is heavy.  I still cannot accept what went down with Jessica, and that SNSD is now some False-ara thing I call 8NSD.  Something so perfect, rent apart by greed and jealous feminine bitchery!  Plus, that 8NSD song “Catch Me If You Can” sucked.

But that can’t be your fault.  Even if there is no more greatness to be had from Girls’ Generation, I cannot unlive the years we lived together, and they were magical.  Even now, you walk the earth crowned with youth and beauty, and you have only reached 25.

Even if the greatest season of your life is behind you, may God bless you and keep you in safety and peace, always.  Happy birthday, Yoona my love.


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