Ladies’ Code Will Return

I had really just thought to myself, this morning, to wonder if there was any news with Ladies’ Code, and behold: the surviving members of Ladies’ Code will return to the stage:

K-pop girl group Ladies’ Code will hold a memorial concert for members RiSe and EunB, who died in a car crash last September, Yonhap reported.

Polaris Entertainment said Friday the concert would take place August 22 inside Shinagawa Prince Hotel Concert Hall in Tokyo.

The concert is being held in part to fulfill the wishes of RiSe and EunB that the group hold a solo concert in Japan one day, Polaris said.

Other agency artists, including Kim Bum-soo, Yang Dong-geun, Ivy, Rumblefish and Sun-woo, are expected to perform alongside Ladies’ Code.

–Meanwhile, soompi reports:

On May 29, an affiliate of Polaris Entertainment revealed, “The agency is suggesting that Ladies’ Code should resume their activities for the benefit of the members. The exact date or plan is yet to be decided but it looks like they will make a comeback soon.”

However, officials of the agency denied such reports and told news source TV Daily, “There were no discussions about Ladies’ Code’s comeback this year. The comeback would make more sense if we have some kind of framework, but we have nothing yet. As of right now, only the agency’s workers are discussing it among themselves.”

The officials also gave updates on the members, Sojung, Ashley, and Zuny, saying, “Everything is okay with them but they’re still continuing their psychotherapy since the accident. Nevertheless, the three girls are bright and well, mainly staying in their dorm or practice room.”

In related news, it was announced that Ladies’ Code will be holding a “RiSe & Eunbi Memorial Concert” on August 22 at Tokyo, Japan.

Polaris Entertainment confirmed this news saying that performing in Japan, RiSe’s hometown, was one of her wishes.

–Well, the survivors’ circumstances make for melancholy reflections in any event.  The Japanese show will be an emotionally fraught one, and perhaps we won’t see anything more of Ladies’ Code as a unit after that.  But it is something– a belated fulfillment, a “closure”, and hopefully an affirmation of survival and hope, whatever the group may or may not do after that.

Ladies’ Code hwaiting!


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