Francis, the talking mule

The Pope ponders aloud:

“And it comes to my mind to say something that may be foolish or perhaps a heresy, I don’t know.”

–There’s a scene in Spice World which would be great to ‘caption’ this, but I can’t find it on youtube.  At a photo-op, Geri underlines some point by saying, “I mean, Is the Pope a Catholic?”, and the evil baldheaded paparazzi hiding under the table reports it and so we instantly cut to newsflash Spice Girls’ Controversy footage– “the Spice Girls have cast doubt upon the Pontiff’s Catholicism,” etc.

And so some irate old English Bishop sternly rebukes the Spice Girls on the news, fuming, “OF COURSE the Pope’s a Catholic, otherwise he wouldn’t have been invited to become Pope, WOULD HE?” lozlzozlzlzl  And he winds up with:  “I’d like to know what EVIDENCE the Spice Girls have for these claims, I really would!”

Well, call Laura Wood Sedevacantist (?) Spice, I suppose.  Or maybe that doesn’t sound flattering.  “I don’t know”.

–What’s up with Benedict anyway?  Does he have Alzheimer’s?  Is he on a ventilator?  Is he under house arrest?  Michael Corleone needs to send one of his people over to check that out.

[Ed.:  People would think all you know about Catholicism comes from the movies.]  –Hey, I learned a lot from reading books.  It’s just that right now, where the Vatican’s concerned, only the stuff from the movies is relevant.


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