“i know you’re proud of your 5 year old’s scrawled homosexual propaganda”

–“but recognize he’d also promote cannibalism if you taught him to

–tweets Snark Enlightenment.  H/t heartiste.

But the brainwashing of children on behalf of sodomism will continue.  And the utterly clueless, self-benighted partisans of “social justice” will whizz out their (and other people’s) brainwashed children’s puerile scribblings and “cute” iterations of Mommie’s pinko propaganda as if these hobbled musings “prove” that “h8red” is only a “social construct”.

Because really, if children are grossed out by grown dudes making out, that’s only because the h8rs got to them first.  Which means all right-thinking lovers of liberal freedoms need to expose every child they can get their hands on to as much gay PUA as possible ASAP!  It’s “for the children”!  So what if they puke at first?  We’ll have them puking rainbows in no time!

[Ed.:  I think I’ve got some upchuck in my throat.]  –That’s just my jizz, you homophobe.  Keep sucking, slave!

But in all seriousness:  I need to find a nice hill so I can go die upon it.  So this madness can end, and the children can again be free.




  1. Yeah, I saw that story in the news. And these are the same people who are ‘outraged’ at any whispered rumor about any priest who allegedly molested an altar boy 50 years ago.

    I like the way the fags also freely call anyone a hater, bigot, or homophobe yet complain about ‘hate speech’. The same gang who tells us we’re being judgmental and then wants to charge their opponents with ‘hate crimes’.

    Don’t bother looking for a hill to die on; it will be the one with the guillotine.

    1. “Don’t bother looking for a hill to die on; it will be the one with the guillotine.”

      lolzozllzlzozlzz I may have to take up alcohol

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