All About Youngji


OMG so this is why they call her “Nation’s Mouth”.  That babyfat teenage body, those sultry subdued nubile lashes, that fertile statue of a luminous hot lady-girl!  She was supposed to be a glorified backup dancer, a fourth wheel– a cipher.  And now, now it’s all Youngji Youngji Youngji.  The girl picked because she wouldn’t upstage the veteran members has become the upstager.  The girl who took awesome nubile goddess-girl Jiyoung’s place has become awesome nubile goddess-girl in her place.

Hot damn.  Bring this comeback on!  And to think I thought Kara was in receivership back in 2013.  From the brink of obsolescence this hot ingenuous teen has brought Kara back to the brink of– supremacy?  I can’t resist!


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