Emma “f**k me in the but” Sulkowicz Graduates, With Mattress Dishonors

Astonishing.  Exposed rape-hoaxer and psychotic slut Emma Sulkowicz, the ombre-haired Columbia University “Mattress Girl”, has graduated, towing her mattress up to receive her diploma:

mattress girl Emma Sulkowicz rape hoax Columbia

The chutzpah.  And to think, once upon a time, all she wanted to do was snuggle!  From “whuv you” to this!

Of course, it’s Columbia that’s getting sued, so maybe it “pays” for her to double-down on her insanity.  But will any university begin to discountenance these wretched rape hoaxes– at least after they’ve been so risibly exposed?

–Sharpeyed The Thinking Housewife reader DE notes she wore sneakers to graduation too.  I would add that Emma and her confederates look like some chintzy girl group a la Little Mix.  Who are these fools and why would they want to publicly associate themselves with this ongoing travesty?  Can’t they see this bitter-clinging-come-rape-crying sociopath for what she is?

When are ostentatious SJWs going to be made to feel the unemployable opprobrium that currently is inflicted upon the sane, the sensible, the normative?

And when will the J-Ivy League deign to teach its pupils anything besides Sodomy and Agitprop?  They’ve seceded from respectable majoritarian society long ago.  It’s time for white Christians, even righteous Asians and Jews, to return the favor.  Laugh at that Columbia parchment for what it’s worth.




  1. Update: Maybe that should read “graduates Summa Cum ‘Mabuttay”

  2. Eric · · Reply

    Contrast this with the icy reception the falsely-accused Duke University lacrosse players got a few years ago.

    American Academia really is that: a breeding ground for the Radical Left, concerned with weeding out anyone opposed to their Cultural Marxism from any future positions of leadership. Foreign universities—like foreign wives and foreign news sources—are better than the domestic ones.

    1. White people are going to need their own Brandeis soon. Well, yesterday . . . .

      Actually, I don’t understand why the Jews didn’t just build up Brandeis as “the world’s greatest university”. Or maybe that question answers itself– for the same reason SJW entryists take over other people’s stuff that’s already built– because they can’t really build it themselves.

      In their own best interests, I hope Asian families will stop deporting their kids to UCA schools to get brainwashed by American academics. Maybe Cal Tech is safer; but better still to build institutions safely at home.

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