Eurasia Vs. Jewmerica!: Brother Nathanael on Putin and the Grand Game

An upbeat meditation from Brother Nathanael on President Putin’s prospects for a multipolar world:

–with Russia and China folding India and Iran under their aegis to oppose America’s abusive hegemony.

“Noone trusts America anymore,” as Brother Nathanael points out, and how can we blame them?  At least since Clinton bombed Belgrade, the United States has been embarked upon an utterly reckless and ruinous foreign policy, ruining stable nations, creating wretched new ones (“Kosovo”), and bringing dishonor and bloody defeat upon itself.  Risible “Color Revolutions” put criminals in charge in places like Georgia– which later suckerpunched Russia.  Libya is a burning wreck, and now the EU wants to impose its filthy “refugees” upon innocent white European nations.  Syria– a ghastly civil war, with ISIS fanatics funded by the USA.  Egypt: an old ally, turned over to the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, only temporarily saved thanks to a reassertive military.  Yemen: more drone-struck, money laundered chaos.  Iraq and Afghanistan:  blood-stained mock epics that need no introduction.  Now Ukraine: a “Jewmerican” coup d’état, with more criminal puppets inserted in Kiev (many Jewish themselves, and abetted by a host of foreigners now elevated to Cabinet Ministers, to say nothing of Joe Biden’s blowhard son at the state gas company), and a downed airliner used as a human shield by the Kiev criminals– if not actually shot down by them.

America’s nihilist NeoCon liberalism, forcibly imposing its diet of corporatism, secularism, “multiculturalism”, anti-Christianity, and militant homophilia on a gasping, disgusted world must be stopped.  The peace of the world and the freedom of the truth demand that America, not Russia, change its godless ways.  One of many things America needs now is a Presidential candidate who supports President Putin’s sovereign freedom of action to steer his own great nation’s peaceable course in the world– and more, is emulous to repeat Putin’s strong traditionalism here at home.

Brother Nathanael’s focus on Russia’s role astride two continents brings to my mind Vergil’s Aeneid with its fusion of two (compatible) Classical peoples to forge a new and more just empire.  Russia’s resurgence as a bastion of Christ paves the way for a new synthesis to oppose and correct the tyrannous reign of the EUSSA’s Babylon.


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