Girl’s Day’s “Hello Bubble”

It’s a one-off promo single for a hair care line.  It’s no “Galaxy Supernova”, but a fun little trifle:

–And the show belongs to Hyeri, of course, who boasts the boldest hair and the bubbliest aegyo.  The extended take on her in the song’s closing moments is another proverbial “like kissing her” camera swoon!  Warming up for the impending K-pop girl group apocalypse of early summer, Girl’s Day is certain to be a force to reckon with.  They’ll have my vote over SISTAR or the rump that still calls itself SNSD; but with the revivified Kara, who may have a Duble Sidekick single of their own to promote, it’s May The Best Quartet Win.  And A Pink, as ever, must trump all.

But speaking of quartets: if there’s any justice, BESTie’s thrilling new tune should propel them to the prominence EXID seized– rather ridiculously, let’s now confess– with “Up & Down” and, more outrageously still, are maintaining with the annoying retread “Ah Yeah”.  Ah, no.  “Excuse Me”!


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