Lovelyz’ “Candy Jelly Love” (Behind the MV)

I hadn’t chanced upon this before, but when I clicked on it I figured it would be a charming little “Behind Making” (as the cute Korean idiom goes) film, and not– as we have here– an entire alternate music video.

This set of “blooper reels” is in fact presented ingenuously (ingeniously too, I might say) as its own integral narrative.  In many shots we are simply seeing, of course, the difficult aftermath of all those pilings-on of sweets in the official video.  But what fresh charms, to see the Lovelyz lose their candies and composure through all the travails of hitting their marks!  And, we must make special note, of poor Jisoo showing how much she has contributed to the group.

Even the English subtitles are different, giving us an alternate glimpse into the lyrical world of this schoolgirl fantasia.  I’m sorry I missed this before, but I’ll make a point not to miss it going forward.  The Lovelyz canon, still so fresh and new, is already resplendent with riches.


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