Lovelyz In The Eye Of A Loving God

Laboum is said to be in the studio, A Pink is rumored to have a new album in the bag– and now, Lovelyz’ stricken eighth member Jisoo’s calumniators have been sentenced to jail and juvie hall.

Having promoted almost nonstop since their November debut, Lovelyz can look forward, we pray, to a respite and reunion, before resuming their glorious career of incandescent music and dance– one that already has affirmed them, as Pops in Seoul rightfully notes, as an iconic Innocent Concept girl group.

Here, luminous as ever, the faultless lasses of Lovelyz present for Inkigayo their second “Hi” stage, twirling in a lambent sea of lavender light, joyous and free, their smiles beaming effulgent with all the consciousness of grace.  We see them, too, from above, as if from a watchful eye on high, admiring their seamless symmetry, and are reminded of what mystery has brought us here, in this frightful and chaotic age, to behold this new bedazzlement, this rapture of virtue and plenitude, this immaculate shared wonderment shining through the globe.  Ah, elated Yein!  Beloved Kei!  Darling Sujeong!  Mijoo, you Juliet!  Adorable Jiae!  Leader Baby Soul!  Gracious Jin!  And somewhere, sweet Jisoo!

I cannot say how much I adore these girls.  I love everything they do.  “Hi” is the sweetest, beamiest song of the year, and they will keep sailing on from splendor to splendor.  They are the second A Pink; and as with those six goddesses, for these eight I can withhold no extremity of praise.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Interesting thought, but there’s truth in it. Lovelyz probably illustrates how the concept of the semi-divine nymph arose in ancient literature.

    When you contrast the feminine grace and beauty depicted here against the Femihag/Churchian Game paradigms or the hipster/fag pop culture icons here in the West, the angelic vs. diabolic concepts of love stand out in bold relief.

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