Dal Shabet’s Daily Grind

2 inf. a dancer’s rotary movement of the hips: a bump and grind. (Concise Oxford American Dictionary)

Ahem, that grind.

Dal Shabet fancamed in tight pleather pants– this goes straight to the archive.

I haven’t deigned to dispense my opinion on the new, Subin-produced Dal Shabet album.  Is this still a K-pop blog, you ask?  Well, I’ve been very remiss.  –To put the matter discreetly, if I hadn’t known going in that this new minialbum would be produced by a 21 year old girl, I would’ve been darkly displeased at the strangely amateurish mixing on what has traditionally been considered the most elitely mastered K-pop recording act.  It’s a game effort, considering Subin’s youth and inexperience, but the album tracks sound mostly like desultory riffs on odd bits of pop flotsam rather than a set of coherent, compelling jams.  The official review at allkpop was, frankly, too generous.  I hope Subin continues to write, but I’m still waiting for E-tribe to return to the studio and finetune a Dal Shabet single to 11.

However:  as to “Joker” itself, I have to say that Subin pulled off something that, for all its deliberate and unapologetic kitschiness, really works as a sexy-dorky retro tune.  This is Cesar Romero territory, and while it sounds little like anything Dal Shabet has recorded before, it gels well with their image.  It’s like the superior,  in-joke version of SISTAR’s schtick.  A bit naughty, but completely in jest.  With it, but above it all.  Cheeky, we might even say . . . .


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