Two-Sevenths of Rainbow Return With “Love Flower”!

As if by magic!  I had no idea this was in the pipes, but two hours ago they released this:

A duet collab between Rainbow’s Hyunyoung and some dude (okay, “Sool J”), featuring Rainbow’s rapper Woori on the female rapping side.

OMG!  This could be like the “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” of 2015!  Hyunyoung could become a big solo (duet) artist and bring in business for Rainbow!  Or at least, she’d be set for life and she can buy Noeul and Yoonyhe’s groceries if, God forbid, they can’t continue in music or find rich husbands for themselves.

Anyway, sounds very lyrical and “refreshing”, as we K-pop fans say, and I hope it’ll be a big hit.  Rainbow hwaiting!


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