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Happy Birthday Yoona!

The Lead Visual of the band formerly known as SNSD turns 25! Sigh.  Sigh. –Yoona, I know you know my heart is heavy.  I still cannot accept what went down with Jessica, and that SNSD is now some False-ara thing I call 8NSD.  Something so perfect, rent apart by greed and jealous feminine bitchery!  Plus, […]

Happy Birthday Hyomin!

The exalted T-ara model/actress/designer/videographer/singer/dancer and K-pop’s greatest female idol rapper megatalent turns 26! Beloved Hyomin with last summer’s “Nice Body”: [Ed.: Why are those backup dancers wearing tops that say, “Naked Party”?]  –Dude, it’s ironic.  Plus, they don’t know English. Actually, going by Hyomin’s karaoke bombing on this clip from 1000 Song Challenge, she doesn’t know […]

Francis, the talking mule

The Pope ponders aloud: “And it comes to my mind to say something that may be foolish or perhaps a heresy, I don’t know.” –There’s a scene in Spice World which would be great to ‘caption’ this, but I can’t find it on youtube.  At a photo-op, Geri underlines some point by saying, “I mean, […]

Ladies’ Code Will Return

I had really just thought to myself, this morning, to wonder if there was any news with Ladies’ Code, and behold: the surviving members of Ladies’ Code will return to the stage: K-pop girl group Ladies’ Code will hold a memorial concert for members RiSe and EunB, who died in a car crash last September, […]

“i know you’re proud of your 5 year old’s scrawled homosexual propaganda”

–“but recognize he’d also promote cannibalism if you taught him to” –tweets Snark Enlightenment.  H/t heartiste. But the brainwashing of children on behalf of sodomism will continue.  And the utterly clueless, self-benighted partisans of “social justice” will whizz out their (and other people’s) brainwashed children’s puerile scribblings and “cute” iterations of Mommie’s pinko propaganda as […]

Damn You To Hell, Lucius Somesuch

In the most egregious blasphemy of omission every committed by this blog, we failed to acknowledge and celebrate May 26, the birthday of Dal Shabet’s Ah Young. My name is “Crap”. Truly, my gut wavers and wobbles beneath me.  The continuity of this blog’s partial, but well-intended, roll call of honor for the deities of […]

All About Youngji

Uncle!!! OMG so this is why they call her “Nation’s Mouth”.  That babyfat teenage body, those sultry subdued nubile lashes, that fertile statue of a luminous hot lady-girl!  She was supposed to be a glorified backup dancer, a fourth wheel– a cipher.  And now, now it’s all Youngji Youngji Youngji.  The girl picked because she […]

miss A on Music Bank: the “Love Song”/ “Only You” Debut

I confess I was underwhelmed by miss A’s Colors album as a listening experience when it came out.  But since I’ve been replaying Kara’s nine-month old Day & Night album day and night in anticipation of their forthcoming latest release, there’s a chance I could revise my opinion on Colors too. This stage– or pair […]

To what far ends: Robert Frost’s “A Prayer for Spring”

 Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day; And give us not to think so far away As the uncertain harvest; keep us here All simply in the springing of the year.     Oh, give us pleasure in the orchard white, Like nothing else by day, like ghosts by night; And make us happy […]

A Fancam for Uji

Rising K-pop stars BESTie dropped their brassy new single a couple of (or was it a few?) weeks back, and it’s hightime I pay it a little respect here.  Since the mv deserves a  meta-commentary of its own, I’ll offer instead this mnet “fancam” (okay, this is pretty meta, too) of butterfaced but hotbod-ed member […]

Let There Be LUV

For a light shines through the darkness, which the darkness cannot grasp: And in that light is there grace and truth. A Pink for the win–and Lovelyz too: And we may look up and know, that there is majesty in the heavens.

Back to the Elisa Lam Mystery

This guy is actively at work making videos on different angles of the Elisa Lam case: –I’ve only watched two of them so far.  As so much of my online (and offline) mental life is so desultory, flitting relentlessly from the Battle of Kursk to Beethoven’s Eighth to the upcoming KARA comeback to Why Don’t I […]

Happy Birthday Jiae!

The fabled helium-throated lubelleeju of Lovelyz turns 22! In her pre-debut days, Jiae contributed what eventually would become the penultimate track of the Girls’ Invasion/Hi album, her lustrous spring-themed solo “Delight”: –which is what we wish for her (and all the lubelleejuz of Lovelyz!) on this illustrious day– and everyday!

Emma “f**k me in the but” Sulkowicz Graduates, With Mattress Dishonors

Astonishing.  Exposed rape-hoaxer and psychotic slut Emma Sulkowicz, the ombre-haired Columbia University “Mattress Girl”, has graduated, towing her mattress up to receive her diploma: The chutzpah.  And to think, once upon a time, all she wanted to do was snuggle!  From “whuv you” to this! Of course, it’s Columbia that’s getting sued, so maybe it “pays” for […]

Happy Birthday Haein!

The particoloured Laboum vocalist turns 20! Whatever color her hair is today, we wish her a happy birthday, and always-mounting success for the remarkable rookies of Laboum! –Two of whom, Yujeong and Soyeon, we forgot on their respective birthdays already this year.  Truly, I was, and am, mortified. Anyway, though the splendid “Sugar Sugar” hasn’t […]

A Pink in May: Blue Tennis Outfits and “Mollayo”

In another May, of 2011, the then-seven princesses of pop, rocking their debut single: in a lambent blue hue, with a charm that does not fade.

A Year Ago in A Pink (20140517 ed.)

“Mr Chu” on Show! Music Core, with pink and gray tennis outfits and a gingerbread house capped with snow! I don’t know why they had a frosted gingerbread hut in May, nor do I know why they had sunshine and roses in the Christmas-themed Pink LUV album.  But it all works out perfectly, A Pink’s […]

Nation’s First Love Suzy Dances

Mnet’s once-great playmnet youtube channel has attempted to revive its flagging fortunes by featuring “fancam” videos shot by their crews during rehearsals, in homage to all that viral video nonsense that magically transformed EXID’s “Up and Down” into a megahit long after the fact of its sinking off the charts. The mnet/playmnet channels were expertly […]

Eurasia Vs. Jewmerica!: Brother Nathanael on Putin and the Grand Game

An upbeat meditation from Brother Nathanael on President Putin’s prospects for a multipolar world: –with Russia and China folding India and Iran under their aegis to oppose America’s abusive hegemony. “Noone trusts America anymore,” as Brother Nathanael points out, and how can we blame them?  At least since Clinton bombed Belgrade, the United States has […]

Girl’s Day’s “Hello Bubble”

It’s a one-off promo single for a hair care line.  It’s no “Galaxy Supernova”, but a fun little trifle: –And the show belongs to Hyeri, of course, who boasts the boldest hair and the bubbliest aegyo.  The extended take on her in the song’s closing moments is another proverbial “like kissing her” camera swoon!  Warming […]

Lovelyz’ “Candy Jelly Love” (Behind the MV)

I hadn’t chanced upon this before, but when I clicked on it I figured it would be a charming little “Behind Making” (as the cute Korean idiom goes) film, and not– as we have here– an entire alternate music video. This set of “blooper reels” is in fact presented ingenuously (ingeniously too, I might say) […]

Lovelyz In The Eye Of A Loving God

Laboum is said to be in the studio, A Pink is rumored to have a new album in the bag– and now, Lovelyz’ stricken eighth member Jisoo’s calumniators have been sentenced to jail and juvie hall. Having promoted almost nonstop since their November debut, Lovelyz can look forward, we pray, to a respite and reunion, […]

Freddie Gray: Yet another “He din’ do nuffin’!” sob story gone wrong?

I’d stopped paying attention to Baltimore once everything stopped burning, but now it looks as if Baltimore’s highly integrated police force feels confident that its, ahem,  highly segregated local government is dead wrong about Freddie Gray’s death.  From The Blaze (internal links maintained from the original): The lawyers for the Baltimore police officers charged in […]

Dal Shabet’s Daily Grind

2 inf. a dancer’s rotary movement of the hips: a bump and grind. (Concise Oxford American Dictionary) Ahem, that grind. Dal Shabet fancamed in tight pleather pants– this goes straight to the archive. I haven’t deigned to dispense my opinion on the new, Subin-produced Dal Shabet album.  Is this still a K-pop blog, you ask?  […]

Term Limits for the Supreme Court

Brother Nathanael’s latest video touches on a couple of planks in my fantasy Presidential platform. I don’t know that “proportional representation” as a strict legal formula would ever work– we conservatives are the last for “quotas” per se– but I think we should at least talk in public about a moratorium on appointments of ethnic Jews […]

Two-Sevenths of Rainbow Return With “Love Flower”!

As if by magic!  I had no idea this was in the pipes, but two hours ago they released this: A duet collab between Rainbow’s Hyunyoung and some dude (okay, “Sool J”), featuring Rainbow’s rapper Woori on the female rapping side. OMG!  This could be like the “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” of 2015!  Hyunyoung could […]

2000 Days of Rainbow

K-pop’s most underrated girl group turns 2000 days old: Girl group Rainbow is celebrating 2000 days since its debut in 2009. To commemorate the 2000-day milestone, member Oh Seung Ah posted the above picture to her Twitter account along with the message, “It’s been 2000 days since Rainbow’s debut! Thanks and love to my fellow […]

Confucius Says (The contentment of the people)

Duke Ai inquired saying: ‘What should I do to insure the contentment of the people?’ ‘If you promote the upright and dismiss the ill-doer,’ replied Confucius, ‘the people will be contented; but if you promote the ill-doer and dismiss the upright, the people will be discontented.’

Confucius Says

The gentleman is at ease without being arrogant; the small man is arrogant without being at ease. –Analects, Bk XIII