Rusticating in my rural retreat this week, I watched the events in Baltimore unfold on Monday in spellbound terror.  I had only turned on the tv, quite arbitrarily, as the afternoon violence was underway– in hindsight, the most frightening phase of the riot.  The police cruiser ransacked, the platoon of cops retreating up the street, the burning CVS garish against the luridly washed out-looking and rubbish-strewn streets:  all these things filmed from the air, with low altitude police choppers whirring in and out of shot, had the terrifying ambience of Diary of the Dead.  My mom was just then en route to a northern metropolis, and I got on the horn to bark frantic orders about not stopping, avoiding bad neighborhoods, and getting barricaded down when she got there.  With word of this Crips-and-Bloods-and-Gorillas CopKilla alliance afoot, and with the obvious role of “social media” in facilitating the attacks, who knew whether this thing wouldn’t blow up everywhere?

Of course, this time around the feral blacks burned themselves out, as began to be apparent as Monday night turned into Tuesday morning and, despite the ruined senior center and a large number of vandalized cars, the tv cameras were clearly focusing on one rough intersection.  I think it should be apparent to clearer heads that, however else Baltimore authorities failed in their planning or execution of containment, somebody made the right decision when they chose to shut down the city buses that carry school students home.  I don’t think that decision was an accident.  The rioters– who certainly already planned to riot– could easily have taken the buses to disperse to multiple soft targets (especially white businesses and, God forbid, white residential areas) and fan out for maximum carnage.  Confined to the mostly-black side of town, the damage, disturbing as it is, probably was tempered by a vague sense of concern for black neighborhoods.  Yes, these thugs are the same evildoers who give American blacks a monopoly lock on violent crime in this country, the same thugs who account for most of the violent death and suffering other blacks live with.  But with phalanxes of cops in riot gear on the scene, and black sympathizers milling all around, the Monday night rioters mostly were content with desultory looting and bullshit posturing.  They lacked mobility and richer, easier pickings.  Thank God.

Live tv quickly showed all of us the painful ironies of the “black community”‘s fiery collective bitchfest.  A black (lady) mayor, black city councilmen (I never saw a white one), black-run police department– and this in an America with a black President and transitioning from one black Attorney-General to another: yet blacks on the street and many black talking heads could only talk about “injustice” and “systemic racism”, as though every day were lived out as if in some bizarre Central African Republic run by the KKK.  Replayed footage of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s “space to destroy” press conference looked like something out of a 1970s blacksploitation flick– seriously: who the hell were these people?  Is that one dude a chipmunk or a sewer rat?  And where’s Pam Grier in a leather bustier?


I have to give credit to Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, who on Monday night gave a rapidfire but impeccably coherent précis of the day’s events, made clear statements of moral disapproval of the rioters,  and acknowledged imperfections in the city’s handling of the crisis without getting stuck in blame-gaming.  At the press conference next day, whether by foreplan or happenstance, he took over the hard questions at the mic from the useless mayor and proved that he is the only person on display in Baltimore’s power structure with a clear sense of mission.  From what I can tell, Batts is a Righteous Black Man–and  likely now on a career trajectory to the US Senate or the Governor’s mansion.

Alas, the vast majority of black Baltimoreans have not showered themselves in distinction through this sorry episode.  On-camera street interviews with random members of the “black community” showed, again and again, that seemingly “nice” blacks– the ones who claim they don’t like rioting, they just want “peace” and “justice”– are simply stupid to the point of unintelligibility.  Even as they attempted moral censure of the rioters, they couldn’t help themselves from Blaming Whitey, making excuses for the “kids” because of “oppression” and “no jobs” and blah blah blah.  These people may not have been throwing bricks, but their incapacity for reasoned reflection, or even comprehensible speech, was on massive display. Again and again one had to ask oneself:  who could employ these people?  What sort of jobs, above and beyond whatever odds and ends some of them might hold down now in a poor, black community, could they possibly handle?  Even the clean-looking, “respectable” middle-aged ladies all talk like middle school cafeteria workers.  People like this are what make the DMV a hell.  No amount of “education” could ever fix these people or their children– dey jus’ duum, yo!

“Conservatives” on Fox who blame Failed Liberal Policies are part of the problem.  Liberal economics is usually detrimental and sometimes catastrophic, but San Francisco, Portland, Austin, Asheville, whatever their problems, are not hellholes like America’s urban black communities.  “School vouchers” are just the Republican equivalent of Section 8:  instead of inviting blacks to break in the window and terrorize you in the night, you just let them have at your children throughout the day.  If white people in America have to work their asses off to pay exorbitant property taxes (besides feeding the huddled masses of EBT recipients and waging Wars for Jews in the Middle East) and then can’t even send their children to civilized white schools, then life itself here has lost its purpose and it’s time to– well, it’s time for whites to start some proverbial riot of their own.

And no:  that damned colored “single mom” with six kids who picked up her rioting son and told him to get his hiney the f**k home is NOT the “Mother of the Year”.  While the parenting she showed there was, under the circumstances, the best we could hope for,  something other rioters’ moms would have done well to repeat, the glaring truth is that her outspread legs are the very source of the problem.  Considered rationally, her whole career as a parent is ludicrous.  Black America is so awful the best we can hope for is a two-tone-haired fat black babymamma yelling f-bombs in broad daylight to keep one of her brood from getting shot by the police?  “Mom of the Year” and the Mayor might as well swap places, it’s all the same really.

Black people cannot maintain themselves in civilized society:  they don’t have the brain power, the earning power, or even the power of self-control which is the least we should demand of humankind’s collective wooly-headed ugly stepchild, the Black African race.  With mounting catastrophies, real and imminent, besetting Christendom on every side, it is time to decide what peaceable solution can still be implemented to free white people from the unjust burden of this pyromaniacal black Albatross about our throats.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    That’s the best analysis of the Baltimore Riots yet.

    The news media punks act like this is some Reality-TV melodrama and all reading off the same script. What you’re dealing with are barbarians—not ‘protestors’ trying to make some tangible political point. Obama’s appeasement policies in Ferguson are causing these things to spread.

    1. lolz Just “venting”, really. Brother Nathanael has a good video up on FedGov opportunism to use this to beef up Homeland Security to take out white patriots. But I figured since I watched Baltimore on tv I might as well “bear witness” to how it struck me. Life is not Lovelyz, alas, all the time!

      btw, you used a clip from some 70s blacksploitation film as a comic illustration of a point in a comment a while back. Do you remember what that was?

      I’ve been meaning to kick off the annual Dirty Harry marathon soon, so I wouldn’t mind adding some supplemental viewing.

  2. Eric · · Reply

    I think the clip was from “Truck Turner”—the black version of Dirty Harry lol

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