Multicultural Fascism in “Moonraker”

Yes, film guru Rob Ager takes on the much-traduced 1979 Bond epic and locates metaphors of PoMo Hitlerism in Drax and his honeys.

Though I’m one of those who generally regards the film as a shakier retread of The Spy Who Loved Me, I’ve also long attested to Moonraker‘s strange hold on my imagination, with its extraordinary Baroque opulence, its swooning John Barry score, and its extraordinary selection of hot women.  Ager doesn’t touch on the infamous pre-credit sequence, one of the most terrific action set-pieces in cinematic history, but there’s that too.

Toward the end of the second video, Ager pays some fine compliments to the Connery-to-Moore era, and I quite agree.  These were inoffensive films, mostly safe for the (older) kids [NB:  I wouldn’t want 2nd graders watching From Russia, With Love, mind you].  He also administers some good quick digs at overrated Daniel Craig films, as one might hope.

I wonder now what Ager would do with that pop filmmaking masterpiece On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, or Dalton’s brooding but not too dark The Living Daylights, which I’ve used before, two-thirds seriously, as a kind of paradigm for current narco-geopolitics.  Ager probably doesn’t intend on getting too bogged down in the Bond canon; but then, I’m surprised and delighted that he went there at all.

Drax’s big speech in his darkened-out space station is actually quite impressive.  The Moonraker script really went for something poetically evil there.  As Ager highlights, the script’s novelization underscores the Hitler echoes.

As to present-day Draxism, Ager offers Drax’s sexual hangups and penchant for anti-racist eugenics  as tantalizing themes, without singling out parallels among today’s globalist New World Order-ers.  But I thought of Sarkozy for one, who actually looks a bit like Michael Lonsdale and exalts miscegenation for France.  As a Hungarian-Jewish Frenchman and noted harem-keeper, he makes a rather interesting–indeed, in all his slick cynicism almost damnedly likeable– poster boy for the plutocratic problem people in charge of building the EU’s Babel.  A pyramid, natch, and the ruination of a civilization.


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