Discodelia: Lovelyz’ shimmery “Hi”

Typically I avoid repeat plays of MBC music show stages where the LDC backdrops get too busy.  Used economically they can be charming; but on a fair number of broadcasts the screens get piled too high and programmed with too much fast-paced changes of “scenery”, and the result is that the video itself becomes an atomized haze of digital dust.  At its very worst, LCD overkill can sink an entire program, making it look as bad in official high-def upload as it would during a bad “live broadcast” over the internet.

Among Lovelyz’ stages on Show! Music Core for comeback single “Hi”, I had mostly stuck to the original, filmed on a stylized purply chess set stage, full of pizazz and bright cheery shots of Lovelyz with damp-looking hair tossing about and a slightly purplish tone of lipstick.  This March 21st broadcast, their third stage, I had watched but mentally filed away as one of those too-busy stages.  But thankfully, I’ve given it another look:

Yes, it’s “busy”.  But in this particular case, the busy-ness actually lands in an aesthetically pleasing place:  the washiness results in a wetlook, shimmery effect, pleasing to the eye.  And the pastel-neon stage lights, which in a sharper filming might’ve just been distracting, add a watercolor ambience.  This stage is so soft and colorful, it looks almost like a live-action cartoon.  This could be the pop music of the Eisenhower 70s.

And the Lovelyz’ members, on top of all their other charms, look to be wearing particularly lambent makeup too.  Shimmer shimmer shimmer.  This bright, slick performance is a retro teen dream.  Pink blouses, pink lips, moist shiny hair afloat:  at times, it looks as though Lovelyz are materializing out of the ambient haze of their revolving LCD logo, as miraculous and magical as the rainbow above.  Are we even awake?  Awash in shimmering strings and melodic longing, Lovelyz sing to us from another place and time– that realm of the sublime from which they have alighted, if only for these tender minutes, to dance and beguile us endlessly.

[Update:]  This M! Countdown stage is not dissimilar in colorful ambience, so by all means let’s append it now!

And yet there are so many “Hi”s left here unsung . . . .


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