“You’re not a champ, you’re a chimp!”: Hillary’s Dysgenic America

Regular viewers of Brother Nathanael know how capable he is of delivering a tightly focused, devastatingly funny takedown of Zionist ne’er-do-wells and anti-Christian mayhem in the news, oftentimes schooling his audience on the connections between disparate events in finance, global affairs, and today’s rotting culture.  I often wonder how he manages the time and energy required to think through, write, film, and edit his clips on a weekly basis.

By that standard, this annotated edition of First Lady Clinton’s first Hillary ’16 campaign ad might seem like an easy assignment.  Hillary’s material pretty much does “all the writing”, so to speak.  This is because, as we witness with increasing incredulity and, ultimately, revulsion, Hillary’s Cultural Marxist ad truly shows how profound is the ruling class’s contempt for the historic white people that built America.

At first, the pile-up of PC tropes, a montage of virtuous “People of Color”, just seems funny–typical eyeball-rolling corporate inclusion.  But the more it continues, the more you realize how studiously this video avoids the white family.  Finally– and Brother Nathanael conceals the big reveal until the end– we see the one glimpse into the intact white family this video allows, and we realize– these people have genocide on the brain.

This is not an exaggeration.  These Cultural Marxist mind-manipulations are no accident.  Hillary’s video is a declaration of war– an unironically Orwellian vision of a world in which the traditional family of European heritage is extinct.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Exactly: the Cultural Marxists are not about reforming society; they are revolutionaries and have always been about overthrowing and replacing the culture.

    1. I’m glad we’ve got Brother Nathanael to say these things so I don’t have to– not that I could recreate his work, of course, but the weekly dose of BN usually helps get out there everything that needs to get out there, so to speak.

      Now if only a few American statesmen, the WaPo, and the faculty at Caltech would follow his opening!

      lolz and of course, as always, I hope the GBFM gets to running at full speed again. Though I see he’s managed to spook Boxer, and keep up his regular dosage of invocations at heartiste

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