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Why is Jihyun wearing the Bible around her neck?

When therefore they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said to them: He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. I happened to click on this performance on a whim– I’d been rewatching A Pink’s “Mr Chu” debut on M! Countdown, and this was one of […]


Rusticating in my rural retreat this week, I watched the events in Baltimore unfold on Monday in spellbound terror.  I had only turned on the tv, quite arbitrarily, as the afternoon violence was underway– in hindsight, the most frightening phase of the riot.  The police cruiser ransacked, the platoon of cops retreating up the street, […]

Laboum: The “Sugar Sugar” episode of “Pops in Seoul”

Laboum returns to enterview [NB:  that’s “entertainment” plus “interview”, and I’m claiming this portmanteau as my own copyright invention until proven otherwise, though Koreans are free to use it without charge] program Pops in Seoul for yet another action-packed episode full of get-to-know exercises and competitions featuring the vivacious lasses of Laboum! Ne!  Solbin imitates dolphins and […]

Lovelyz Into Spring

Lovelyz’ November debut hit “Candy Jelly Love” references the Long Winter Without You Ahead– but in this Inkigayo stage, with a giant LCD monolith of transmogrifying flowers behind them, the coming of Spring feels assured. Now, Spring is here, Lovelyz tell their boy (and the world) “Hi”, and this vernal stage is refreshing as ever. […]

Multicultural Fascism in “Moonraker”

Yes, film guru Rob Ager takes on the much-traduced 1979 Bond epic and locates metaphors of PoMo Hitlerism in Drax and his honeys. Though I’m one of those who generally regards the film as a shakier retread of The Spy Who Loved Me, I’ve also long attested to Moonraker‘s strange hold on my imagination, with […]

Discodelia: Lovelyz’ shimmery “Hi”

Typically I avoid repeat plays of MBC music show stages where the LDC backdrops get too busy.  Used economically they can be charming; but on a fair number of broadcasts the screens get piled too high and programmed with too much fast-paced changes of “scenery”, and the result is that the video itself becomes an […]

April 19th: A Pink’s Fourth Anniversary

Happy Birthday A Pink! Four years of radiant recordings and luminous doings, which shall forever enchant my ears and warm my heart–a few of which are commemorated in A Pink’s latest masterful release, “Promise U”: And may A Pink shine splendor through our many years ahead!

“You’re not a champ, you’re a chimp!”: Hillary’s Dysgenic America

Regular viewers of Brother Nathanael know how capable he is of delivering a tightly focused, devastatingly funny takedown of Zionist ne’er-do-wells and anti-Christian mayhem in the news, oftentimes schooling his audience on the connections between disparate events in finance, global affairs, and today’s rotting culture.  I often wonder how he manages the time and energy required to think […]

The Zoom-in on Yein is like kissing her

The cameras are always on Yein at the lilting close of their lovely new “Hi”, but this zoom shot is especially sweet. Yein, who captured my heart with the cloudy-day second verse of “Candy Jelly Love”, cements her place as an iconic K-pop idol with every fresh stage! But of course, all of Lovelyz is […]

Happy Birthday Namjoo!

A Pink’s effulgent angel turns 20! Well, that’s a major mind-scramble, to leave Namjoo’s teens behind–sigh.  All those beautiful records, frozen in teenage time. But–but– you’re still beautiful, Namjoo!  And just because you’ve turned 20, doesn’t mean you have to do any more dance covers.  Ahem, just stay away from the dance covers, because we […]

One Year Ago in A Pink: “Mr Chu” Wins Inkigayo

In a triumphant display of iconic aegyo, A Pink scores the coveted Inkigayo trophy with “Mr Chu”: –and complete their all-kill week of domination!

One Year Ago in A Pink: “Mr Chu” wins Show! Music Core

A refulgent A Pink dazzle in  blue tennis dresses for their trophy-taking “Mr Chu” second-week stage for Show! Music Core: –the first of four such trophies they’d take home for their monumental 2014.  This was also the fourth of six canonical trophies for “Mr Chu” itself, the penultimate stop on their week-long sweep that culminated […]

The Problem With Capitalism

In an informative back-and-forth exchange within the comments at Vox Day’s latest update on the Hugos, author John C. Wright explains his difficulties at publisher Tor, adding: I used to be a greater fan of capitalism than I am now. The problem with capitalism is that men are not capitalists. They are motivated by spiritual […]

8NSD: “Catch Me If You Can”

Is the whole buck-ninety-five lusterless tawdriness of the video a confession that without Jessica SNSD is dead? And what’s up with all the flyers?  Is there a “Missing” poster for Jessica Jung in there? What a miserable day to have lived to see.  These girls, this ensemble, once meant the world to me.  They meant […]

Dal Shabet’s Subin presents the new Dal Shabet album

In an unprecedented move in K-pop girl group history, Dal Shabet’s eighth and latest record has been composed by just-turned-21 main vocalist and maknae Subin. I’ve always had a fond regard for Subin’s evident wit and intelligence.  Perhaps her long and obviously trying recovery from last year’s car crash concentrated her energies in a new […]

Titus Didius Tacitus on military heroes

At Vox Day, prolific and always fluent commenter Titus Didius Tacitus makes some notes about the heroes of history.  On Joan of Arc: It was the custom at that time to see battle as a trial: a trial by combat on a grand scale. There were elaborate procedures with heralds, all perfect for setting up […]