Laboum is back!!!

You can’t conceive my thrill and horror to realize that Laboum has released a new single– and nobody told me!!

My God. Here I was, buying the new Red Velvet album and the new Crayon Pop album, and awaiting the new miss A album– and there’s a flipping third release from my cherished and adored Laboum out and I had no idea.  For four whole days.

Really, you don’t know how it agonizes me that this kind of huge event in my life could happen and all “under a bushel”, as it were.  If I hadn’t seen that headline on this weekend’s Inkigayo at allkpop (“+ new performances by . . . Laboum”), how much longer might’ve things gone on before I found out?  My beloveds are blowing this kiss of sugary genius to my awaiting eyes and ears, and all the while my soul is deaf and blind to this great new thing.  This is scary stuff.  (Plus, I already missed Yujeong’s birthday.)

But: the longed-for return of Laboum is here, and it’s terrific!:

OMG you know what– this is better than “Ice Cream Cake”.  Yeah, what Red Velvet do in a forced, hipster-y kind of way, Laboum does with girlish easy grace.  Laboum makes this kind of color pop real.  They seem so at ease in front of the camera, they have such transparent presence.  And their music has such a simple, elegant quirkiness and catchiness.

If Laboum doesn’t become T-ara-big, I’m afraid the whole quality of the K-pop market is in doubt.  Already with the flop of Rainbow’s terrific Innocent album, that worry is keen.  Laboum are doing such good stuff.  Please please please Lord, don’t let them go away.


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