Thank you, Sir Roger Moore!

I’m glad he said it, because I’ve fantasized about Roger Moore speaking out on this.

“A few years ago, I said that Cuba Gooding Jr. would make an excellent Bond, but it was a joke!” Moore said when asked for his thoughts about the casting rumor, which if realized would be the first time a black actor would play Bond.

“Although James may have been played by a Scot, a Welshman and an Irishman, I think he should be ‘English-English’. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting idea, but unrealistic.”

These remarks are as demur as possible, yet predictably– no, inevitably– Roger Moore is now tarred as a “racist” for pointing out the existence of the English-English and objecting, as every true British subject and all non-black people everywhere should, to the very notion of a black James Bond.  Indeed, black people themselves, if they had any decency, should protest such an abomination.

The cuckold-fetish of the multicultural Judeo-Anglican World Conspiracy (or Davos Man, or EUSSA, or the Gramsci Project, or whatever you call it) is flabbergasting.  White people simply won’t be allowed to exist– or if they do exist, they must apologize for every representation of themselves.  “Why can’t a black man play James Bond?”  Well, why can’t a billion black people feed and clothe they foolass se’ves?  Or at the least, why can’t black people in the West quit bitching about First World problems like Rosa Parks’ lazy ankles, considering all the Ice People that got bombed at Dresden and nuked at Nagasaki?  Whites ain’t asking for a honkey to play Shaft.  We have a better sense of perspective than that.

Saving the world for freedom and banging non-black chicks is a white man’s work.  And I can pretty well promise any black person not named Thomas Sowell that The Living Daylights is too complicated for you anyway.  White folks, when they’re done with a hard day inventing penicillin and inoculating black babies in Africa and filing taxes so black teens can feed dey bastard yoongins and watch 47 inch television screens, like to relax with some James Bond.  He’s ours.  So just stuff that EBT Twinkie in your crackpipe and play your foolass Jay-Z records already.  You know, “Have a Coke, and a smile,” etc. etc.

No Afro-Caribbean or Afro-Muslim or Pakistani or Kalamazooite can ever be James Bond because James Bond is a creation of and defender of all-white Britain.  That the present enemy-occupied UK government artificially introduces non-white interlopers inside Britain’s borders is irrelevant.  No, Jourdan Dunn, London is not a city of color.  It’s a white city, made incredibly wealthy and powerful and prestigious through the blood and sweat and genius of white British people, now presently full of poor, grasping, dirty, stupid, and obnoxious foreigners and mutts because the present anti-white regime hatefully promotes “immigration” and miscegenation, trends which will bring certain economic collapse and domestic unrest– with the ultimate result that Britain and other white homelands will finally deport all unnecessary foreign stock.  If “marriage” can be redefined in ludicrous ways, certainly “citizenship” can be corrected into something sensible.

God knows the Brosnan movies were humiliation enough.  Even if, God forbid, this obnoxious anti-Christian stunt casting were to take place, it will be expunged from the ultimate record just as the reign of the cocaine Caligula in the White House.  Laugh it up, darkie.  You didn’t build Bond.  You’ll never be Bond– you’ll never even be British.  White people:  “We’re not dead yet.”

Poor Roger Moore himself would balk at my strongly-worded sentiments, but he hails from a kinder time.  By promoting this obnoxious hate of all things European, racist J*ws and treasonous elites will only force Britain’s eventual saviors to go full Timothy Dalton on their ass.  They should instead repent, and agree and amplify what Roger Moore said.


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