Subaru Ad: Socially Engineered

Couldn’t help but notice this on the tv over my break:

–I only saw it once, and I was hardly paying attention, but I could not believe this little white girl is being portrayed with a black boy for her BFF.

WTF?  I mean, “What?!”  Uh, are you banging black guys, that’s what?

But having looked this up on youtube, it seems like the Negro is supposed to be some sort of female.  Albeit an exceptionally boyish one.

So the question remains: why is Subaru Mom letting her little baby angel grow up to be a whigger?

Come the f**k on.  No healthy white child is close enough to a Negro child to offer it rides in its mommy’s car.

And at least subliminally, this video is underlining the prospect of full-on miscegenation.  “The backseat of my Subaru is where she grew up”?!?  Uh-huh . . .  “What?!”

Consider how we don’t even see the white child’s face until suddenly a black child is with it– framed inside the selfies they’re snapping (with Ice People technology, natch).  It’s as if white people are just amorphous blobs with a baby’s consciousness until a black person shows up to make them real.

The little girl gets dropped off for her first day of school, and what’s the first thing she learns:  black people.  And no, they’re not reading Thomas Sowell, just flashing retarded gang sign shit.  What an “education” . . . .

Disgusting filth.  In the real world of what used to be America, a beautiful white child deserves what she wants– white playmates, white “friends forever”, and ultimately, a white Prince Charming (at least if I haven’t corrupted Eric forever in favor of Asian women).

And since when the hell would a black person be caught dead in a Subaru anyway?  Not that beggars should be choosers– and someday, beggars once again won’t be.

Of course, judging by Fox News programming and the rest of the MSM, my grief is probably moot, since we’re liable to all be dead from a just Russian nuking in the coming weeks.  War War War, they beg.  War with Iran. War with Islamic State.  War in the erstwhile Ukraine.  The United States is a war-mad Tower of Babel, a “multicultural” empire bent on slaughter and dominion, mostly at the behest of the same fools who gave us the expression “Jewbaru”.


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