Happy Birthday Boram!

Perhaps the quintessential K-pop idol birthday has come around once more, and it finds T-ara’s Boram turn twenty-nine!


But by all indications, she is in no danger of soon losing her girlish glow and diminutive charms.


Ah, beloved Boram, it may be that you can never grow old, or even grow up!

OMG Boram should totally reenact that scene for kicks and giggles.  I bet her hair’d grow back and everything.  Or anyway, they should do that in a T-ara video or something.  Hyomin or Eunjung can do Lestat.

Sigh.  You know, I have really grown to like “Sugar Free” after all.  And the rest of that album is dynamite.  When will T-ara do another album?  Must we wait all the way till fall?

Here was Boram at 26:

And may Boram at 29 be as full of squeal and spunk as ever!  Beloved Boramssipoo, happy birthday and happy every day!!



One comment

  1. This why l like foreign women. Does she look anywhere near 29? LOL Compare this to pictures of Britney Spears at 30 and you see what I mean.

    I have a theory that feminized women actually age faster.

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