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At Vox Day, commenter BigGaySteve mimics a famous refrain to hilarious effect in response to Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece on the diaspora of European Jews back to Israel:

First they came for the Jews, I didn’t say anything because I was not a Jew
Then they came for the Blacks, I didn’t say anything because I was not a black
Then they realized all of their problems had pretty much been solved so they stopped coming after people
I said to my boyfriend its a good thing we fled to Whitopia so we wouldn’t be in the crossfire.

lolzozlzozlz  Yeah, I think the whole “going after people” business would pretty much burn itself out if white people could just be left the hell alone.

Part of what I think terrifies Jews– and this draws upon something yet another commenter once said at Vox Day– is that, left among themselves, they’ll sink into mediocrity.  I think he’s right, although I’m not entirely sure what the exact mechanism is.  Jews of genius have achieved greatness in white “gentile” genres– Mahler in the symphony, Kubrick in the cinema– but all the head-counting of Nobel laureates and Fields medalists cannot obscure the fact that European arts and sciences would get along fine without Jewish contributions.  Though even Andrea Ostrov Letania would dispute this point, I submit that, in crucial regards, Jewish success in letters is overstated:  Spinoza fan that I once was, I’m convinced he is only a pitiable Asperger’s case and an out-of-town tryout compared to Leibniz or Malebranche.  And if Roth and Bellow are the best the American Jewish Novelist can produce, well– what are Jewish novelists compared to English girls?

But it’s not white peoples’ job to create avenues for Jews to excel in– particularly if some of the “exceling” amounts to taking a big dump over what we’ve been doing and then nepotistically claiming a monopoly over it that shuts out native voices.  It’s not exactly a coincidence that “Modern Art” is mostly something to talk about

No doubt Tel Aviv is a thriving metropolis, and could thrive still further with a fresh influx of Jews abroad relocating themselves and their (legitimate) assets.  But would I place bets on it usurping the cachet of Singapore or Hong Kong, or a whitopia London or Paris?  Well, no.

In any event: people like Podhoretz pere, who tells whites to miscegenate into stupidity and ugliness because otherwise something bad might happen to black people, and Podhoretz Normanson, who thinks America needs a billion immigrants, are the main problem in the West today and once that fount of hateful stupidity is shut off most of our other problems can be handled reasonably.  Even relations with Israel– though those relations will no longer make the front page often, because in the cosmic scheme of things Israel, even if it houses every Jew on earth, is simply not that important.


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  1. Without whites jews wont be able to steal ideas like Einstein’s relativity by an Italian scientist.

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