Girl’s Day’s “White Day”

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve contemplated doing a “Forgotten Masterworks of K-pop” series dedicated to highlighting chestnuts worthy of canonization. And this dazzlingly endearing  midtempo ballad was one of the chief inspirations.  Technically, “White Day” shouldn’t be part of the contemplated series since it was in fact released as a digital single– the overture to Girl’s Day’s triumph as a more mature, four-member ensemble.  Still, it didn’t reach the instant popularity that since has been bestowed upon several later releases, and it breathes a magic that epitomizes much of what I love best in K-pop.

Plus, White Day is an actual holiday, albeit one I wouldn’t have recognized the date of had I not arbitrarily consulted soompi a little while ago and discovered that it falls on March 14th.  And so, well, we really need to hear it now:

“White Day” epitomizes how Girl’s Day’s transition to a “sexy concept” band actually worked for them: they deliver tunes with a sinuous, heart-tugging girlishness wed to a good-humored womanly confidence.  Perhaps it’s something in the blend of Minah and Sojin’s maturity with Yura and Hyeri’s playfulness.  But however that alchemy works, the result is incredibly winsome pop with champagne effervescence.  Liking it is good; loving it is better still.

Or as the entry at the official mv on youtube puts it:

Like fresh green sprouts, this love song delivers the lovely spirit purely. Girl’s Day’s new song ‘White Day’ is a story of a girl waiting for a confession of love from the boy she sent her love on Valentines’ Day. The song has freshness of Girl’s Day that makes guys’ heart beat fast. They worked on the lyrics very hard to express the girlishness and made a high quality song by recording it many times.

Girl’s Day’s love song right before their official album release in March. If you want to be loved, sing this song. You’ll hear “I love you” from your precious person.

–I believe it.  Every word.


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