Date Night Movie for Camille Paglia and da GreatBooksForMen(TM)

Irreverent, twisted, penetrating, obsessed, impassioned, perspicacious, and dementedly funny, this third leg of an astounding (nsfw) dismemberment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy makes a greater epic statement on the collapse of civilization than Lucas’s wannabe epic:

–This would make for an ingenious twist date night movie.  Tell your new girl you’re going to watch a Star Wars prequel.  Then queue up the installments for Episodes 01 or 02, or watch this all-in-one meditation on Revenge of the Sith, which devastates all critical attempts to burnish the final film’s reputation, all the while awakening once-dead feelings for the original trilogy of our childhood I thought had long passed.

I mean, good Lord:  this “movie” of a film essay goes from bestiality gags to the Adagietto of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony.  A virtuosic performance of analysis, humor, surreal asides, and American culture.  Audacious, compulsive, hysterical.  Brilliant.


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