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One Year in “Mr Chu”

The glorious anniversary of the comeback that secured A Pink’s preeminence as Korea’s most beloved girl group and gave the world the dazzling beauty of the Pink Blossom album. Eternally vernal with the lyrical synths of spring and the rising breath of awakened love. Radiance made audible!   Advertisements

Laboum is back!!!

You can’t conceive my thrill and horror to realize that Laboum has released a new single– and nobody told me!! My God. Here I was, buying the new Red Velvet album and the new Crayon Pop album, and awaiting the new miss A album– and there’s a flipping third release from my cherished and adored […]

Thank you, Sir Roger Moore!

I’m glad he said it, because I’ve fantasized about Roger Moore speaking out on this. “A few years ago, I said that Cuba Gooding Jr. would make an excellent Bond, but it was a joke!” Moore said when asked for his thoughts about the casting rumor, which if realized would be the first time a […]

I love you a lot too, Lovelyz

I can’t do enough justice to the swirling buoyant youthful idealism of Lovelyz’ splendid comeback, but I can at least watch stages like this one over and over: –featuring an edited version of “Joyland” (aka “Amusement Park”) for an intro. Lovelyz’ distinctive airy sound– part retro, part something new and indelibly their own– makes for […]

Subaru Ad: Socially Engineered

Couldn’t help but notice this on the tv over my break: –I only saw it once, and I was hardly paying attention, but I could not believe this little white girl is being portrayed with a black boy for her BFF. WTF?  I mean, “What?!”  Uh, are you banging black guys, that’s what? But having […]

Happy Birthday Boram!

Perhaps the quintessential K-pop idol birthday has come around once more, and it finds T-ara’s Boram turn twenty-nine! But by all indications, she is in no danger of soon losing her girlish glow and diminutive charms. Ah, beloved Boram, it may be that you can never grow old, or even grow up! OMG Boram should totally […]

Back to Rainbow

Rainbow’s tragically underrated “Black Swan”: –the Michael Cimino-level genius flop of K-pop. I can never marry a woman who does not love this.  How can this majestic comeback leave us so soon?  Damnit why isn’t this popular??!!? [Ed: If it’s about psychotic breakdown, you’d think chicks would be all over this.]  –Hey, everybody loves psychological horror.  […]

Mickey Kaus Quits

My personal role-model, Democratic Senate candidate and influential blogger Mickey Kaus, is out of a job after The Daily Caller pulls a piece critical of Fox News and its neo-con wardrumming as a distraction from America’s threat from rampant immigration.  Hat-tip Vox Day: The blogger Mickey Kaus has quit his job at The Daily Caller […]

Can miss A be fun again?

I’ve never hated on a miss A comeback before, but over these three years of fandom my enthusiasm has waned quite a bit.  After their productive 2012, we had to wait a year for the “Hush” comeback.  And the Hush album, which collects their second trio of comeback singles (“Touch”, “I Don’t Need a Man”, […]

BigGaySteve writes . . . .

At Vox Day, commenter BigGaySteve mimics a famous refrain to hilarious effect in response to Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece on the diaspora of European Jews back to Israel: First they came for the Jews, I didn’t say anything because I was not a Jew Then they came for the Blacks, I didn’t say anything because I […]

Terrifyingly Sexy: Red Velvet’s “Automatic” MV

Well, this is just flabbergasting really– it’s like a David Lynch wet dream: –I mean it’s brilliant.  Just jawdropping. Sigh.  But my heart is so heavy, it’s hard to enjoy it. I mean, here I am with the Rainbow comeback, the Lovelyz comeback, the Fiestar comeback, the eminent comebacks from Crayon Pop and Dal Shabet […]

Girl’s Day’s “White Day”

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve contemplated doing a “Forgotten Masterworks of K-pop” series dedicated to highlighting chestnuts worthy of canonization. And this dazzlingly endearing  midtempo ballad was one of the chief inspirations.  Technically, “White Day” shouldn’t be part of the contemplated series since it was in fact released as a digital single– the overture […]

Where is Rainbow?

–asks an allkpop member in the forums, and I’m like, “Thank God!  That’s just what the hell I’m wondering!” I was disturbed when Rainbow didn’t play Show! Music Core today, when they’ve only been promoting for two weeks.  I mean, 9Muses is still on there, pushing “Drama”.  Good for 9Muses, but Rainbow’s “Black Swan” is […]

Lovelyz Say “Hi”

The glorious return of the incandescent angels of Lovelyz: storming the stage in a flurry of white: effulgent with exuberance and the trembling warmth of young love, explosive with melodious optimism.

Soyeon has a pierced bellybutton

When did this happen?! It’s double disturbing that Soyeon got her belly button pierced and I didn’t know about it.  First, because what kind of T-ara fan am I if T-ara does something like this and I don’t get instant wind of it?  And second, because Soyeon what is going on with you OMGGGGG!!??!!? Okay, I’m not […]

Jihyun and Jiyoon attend a movie premiere

I can’t get into the new 4minute single at all–tbh, it’s a real nonstarter for me, just like their last two records have been.  But Jiyoon is still one of the most talented girls in K-pop, and she and Jihyun are very lovely, and for the sake of old times I’ll commemorate this little whirl […]

A Quick Question about Muslim Extremism

So ISIS is destroying Assyrian ruins and stuff.  As a childhood fan of Biblical archaeology, this upsets me.  Perhaps the strangest detail to emerge from my entire eccentric childhood is that, yes, I once had a birthday cake decorated with an icing illustration of a pair of winged bulls from the capitals on the columns […]

Rainbow (sans Woori) sing “Bad Man Cry”

–with dramatic results!  Ah, the scintillation of that musical glitch, that wakes the girls into effusive girlish frolics, and gets Noeul and Yoonhye merrily flouncing about in their tight sweaters. Mmm, Yoonhye . . . .  I’ve kinda known I have a crush on her for a while, but Noeul’s charisma on stage can be […]


At Althouse, a woman professor bitches that students are “sexually harass”ing her on some rateyourprof site.  The horror.  In the comments, a soul called halflight produces some interesting research: Let’s get down to brass tacks. Professor Crouch’s biggest problem is that she is a professor of philosophy at . . . Eastern Michigan University. Now, […]

Date Night Movie for Camille Paglia and da GreatBooksForMen(TM)

Irreverent, twisted, penetrating, obsessed, impassioned, perspicacious, and dementedly funny, this third leg of an astounding (nsfw) dismemberment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy makes a greater epic statement on the collapse of civilization than Lucas’s wannabe epic: –This would make for an ingenious twist date night movie.  Tell your new girl you’re going to watch […]

Larry Auster on Denzel Washington

He wrote: Every movie poster of Washington I’ve seen for the last 20 years projects Righteously Angry Magnificently Empowered Full of Himself Black Man Finally Getting Back His Own From White America. –lzlzllzlolzlozlozl  That’s hilarious! And true. Yes, Denzel Washington’s two Oscars are an especially egregious overkill.  He’s a stiffer, blander actor than Robert Redford; and Redford, […]

Fiestar’s “You’re Pitiful” MV

Last year Fiestar shed everybody’s favorite member Cheska (she left amiably for solo stuff, so it is said), but returned with the sexy and visually sophisticated video for “One More”.  It may be the best video of last year, notwithstanding its rather decadent underpinnings, but it did them little commercial good, in large part because […]

“27,000 people applied but only 4 filled out their preferences correctly”

Hat-tip to commenter Anubis at Vox Day for the astonishing figure above.  What are they applying for?  Why, it’s Section h8 of course!: The Section 8 lottery is coming soon to St. Louis County and as many as 30,000 people are expected to line up for a chance to win free rent. The St Louis County Housing Authority […]

Happy Birthday Chorong!

A Pink’s cuddly leader turns 24!  Allkpop reports: Happy birthday to A Pink‘s cute leader, Chorong! Chorong has now turned 24 years old and is aging beautifully, maintaining a youthful, lovely appearance that has fans captivated.  Born on March 3, 1991, Chorong has now garnered much love over the past few years as a part of […]

Queer Sci-Fi: Your Taxdollars at work

Hat-tip Vox Day:  not to be left behind by the UK, which funded homosexual aspiring writer Damien Damian (?) Walters to write his (still unwritten) debut science fiction novel with a public grant, the American FedGov’s NEA, reports Scifi Pundit: has reportedly paid University of Oregon “poet” Amanda Powell to translate a 2005 science fiction novel […]