Still Feeling the “LUV”/”Love”

Some of Music Bank’s broadcast performances make the crossover to KBS World TV, which still allows embedded playing, so we’ll see if this plays here:

Not that I object to embedding them even if you have to go to youtube to view them.  These performances are worth memorializing by way of brief tribute, and here, as I ‘ve noted elsewhere, the Music Bank cinematographers go in for long takes which make for an interesting contrast with the broadcast aesthetics on other channels.  Yes, we do see the camera’s shadow on the girls quite a bit, but hey– immediacy!

Plus, there’s still snow on the ground, and what better way to exult in our pro-snow sensibilities than to pair the declining February weather with the melancholy effervescence of A Pink’s latest masterpiece?

And while we’re about it, I made a note a while back to include this Lovelyz performance in a frosty glade shade of blue:

In a few days more, we’ll have the first Lovelyz comeback, and I am prepped for tremendous awesomeness.  I’m already greatly enjoying the new Rainbow single, but that must ride shotgun to anything as awesome as “Candy Jelly Love”.


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