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Still Feeling the “LUV”/”Love”

Some of Music Bank’s broadcast performances make the crossover to KBS World TV, which still allows embedded playing, so we’ll see if this plays here: Not that I object to embedding them even if you have to go to youtube to view them.  These performances are worth memorializing by way of brief tribute, and here, […]

Beethoven. Brahms. Lovelyz.

There isn’t a recorded stage of “Candy Jelly Love” that isn’t a bundle of tingles– and their Music Bank debut throws in an abridged but healthy rendition of their glorious supporting track “Getaway”: –and with KBS’s own subtitles, idiomatically more “English” than those I’m used to.  Actually I prefer the more textured and delightfully alien […]

Great Sandwiches For Women

No news yet on the longed-for full-scale return of da GBFM(TM)’s official website– but in the meantime, the mysterious ghost of da GBFMz has left this paraphrase of an ancient eclogue at da Dalrock’s ewbtsie: In my church so as to please the women the men make the sandwhiches and the women fell the trees […]

Lovelyz’s “Hi” Teaser

OMZG: Look at all that soft gauzy lighting, the subtle lens flares, the way the pink balloons hit the ceiling in a soft fuzz of shadow!  This must be directed by whoever did Laboum’s “What About You?” and Girl’s Day’s “Miss You”.  The play of sunlight across faces and limbs, the glowing green verdure.  And […]

Dario Argento’s “Tenebre”

I was watching the trailer for Death Wish II— not a very satisfying one, I must add– but from it I learned that Tenebre lead actor Anthony Franciosa appears in that film, so that inspired me to look up trailers for Tenebre too. This one is presented in pretty good condition.  For Tenebre— or Tenebrae […]

Lovelyz’s Jin’s “Gone”

Lovelyz’s debut album is a curiously bipartite affair, with the first half given to full-ensemble songs and the second half comprised of various solos from different members. I was vaguely aware that these latter tracks had been in the can for a while, but I wasn’t aware they’d been promoted in their time.  But I’ve […]

Rookie Dolls: Laboum’s “What About You?” on Music Bank

I’m immensely taken, as I hope I’ve established sufficiently well already, with rookie groups Lovelyz and Laboum.  But the “sufficiently well” part feels questionable as they’ve already done enough with a few months of promotions to earn a permanent part in my mind’s slice of the Collective Consciousness.  Can it really only be three months […]


I was supposed to be babysitting the dog in the country, but I got snowed in (we all did) and wound up babysitting Mom instead.  Between setting up her iPod and tying her shoes (oh don’t ask), while subsisting on a diet of oatmeal and peanut butter crackers (Mom doesn’t really understand the concept of […]

And a Happy Valentine’s Too

Episode 10 of Hi! School: Love On’s climactic kiss: Woohyun has figured out that Seulbi is an angel, but if they acknowledge the truth to each other, she is banished back to Heaven!  Thus– be still, young hearts– he must silence her confessing lips with a kiss . . . . –Sigh.  I’ve put off […]

“My My” fancam

A couple of times today I suffered what I felt were improvisatory flights of genius, in which I mentally composed aphorisms of astonishingly supple verbal vivacity and caustically penetrating insight into the human condition. But then, I was just pacing the carpet drinking coffee and killing a few moments before getting back to looking at greyscale […]

New Year’s Greetings from Lovelyz

Seven other lovelies of Lovelyz, a little while back: –which, like their thrilling debut single, builds and builds in its soaring enthusiasm! We’re still waiting for the resolution of this great Jisoo mystery.  Yesterday saw this report that her online calumniator has been discovered and arrested.  Ecstatic good news!– and what a thrilling thing to […]

Happy Birthday Jisoo!

The most traduced idol in K-pop history turns 21! I hope things are well for you. And: just at this auspicious moment, Lovelyz releases a teaser for a comeback!!  OMG the excitement I feel– I haven’t had anything good fall in my lap for over a week, and now, much as I’ve been loving Lovelyz, […]

Birthday Girls: Naeun and Sooyoung

It’s SNSD Sooyoung’s birthday too, in addition to A Pink princess Naeun’s, so in commemoration of this K-pop birthdaygasm, a pair of stages. This Show Champion “No No No” dates from the “Mr Chu” comeback.  The backing track does sound a bit piped, but Naeun shines iconically in her breakdown solo, shot in a series of […]

Happy Birthday Naeun!

A Pink Visual Naeun turns 21! God bless and keep. A Pink has lately released a lot of “making of” videos that have been sitting in the vault.  Here’s one for the MV shooting for their 2013 masterpiece “No No No”: It’s not very Naeun-centric, as it happens, but I hope she’ll forgive that in […]

Barack Obama chastises us about the Crusades and the Inquisition

Hat-tip The Thinking Housewife: the Golf Cart Caligula gives us reasons to be humble: And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim […]

When We Were Nine

A bad pair of weekends– nothing to worry about, but mentally and morally gray and depressing– and the clouds, though they shall lift, have not yet lifted fully, but– this blast from the Heavenly Sublime breaks over the spirit like a tide, chill and yearning and forlorn and, somehow, restorative, even as it bitterly reminds me […]

Idle Witticism of the Hour

“I don’t masturbate to immigration, and I don’t like people who j*w.” –NAJALT.  Nor are they alone in the masturbatorium.  But–the majority are fap fap fapping away. Fap it up, brillohea fuzzballs.  But après le revolution, get your boarding tickets and that “second” passport handy . . . .

“Feminist Music”

Hat-tip Dalrock, for this entry from Mr. Cool, Paul Joseph Watson, concerning “feminist music”.  Put down the coffee before you watch: And now, for the sake of my ears and sanity, and also in homage to the GBFM(TM), I’m going to go listen to Beethoven’s Third Symphony.

First World Problems

In the drift of comments at a Vox Day commentary on another excellent Fred Reed essay, commenter realmatt briefly notes: I just argued with what I didn’t realize was a 12 yr old girl on twitter. I QUIT –lolzlzolz Yeah, he might’ve been bringing dialectics to a rhetorical food fight on that one. [Ed.  Happens […]

The Sexodus

I’m not familiar with this guy’s work, but this video is a neat introductory summation of various manosphere themes, recited by an intense English guy in front of a world map: –And how can I not tip my hat to a guy who talks manosphere themes in front of a world map? In fact, this […]

I’ve heard of this “anal bleaching” thing . . . .

I don’t often read Althouse anymore– you know, too “right liberal”, in Auster’s phrase, for me– but there are still some very funny commenters over there, and apparently at some point Ann’s jihad against people who Don’t Move The Conversation Forward Or Something relaxed, so we get to enjoy some of that talent on display.  […]