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“I believe in forever, and I believe that A Pink will be forever”: A Pink’s Pink Paradise

The awaited first solo concert from A Pink has finally arrived!: The A Pink members sheds tears of happiness as they wrapped up their first ever solo concert, ‘PINK PARADISE.’ On January 30, the ladies of A Pink were seen performing various hit numbers in front of a legion of fans at the Olympic Hall at Olympic […]

Shakespeare, Malthus, and Gresham’s Law: Sonnet 11

As fast as thou shalt wane, so fast thou grow’st In one of thine, from that which thou departest; And that fresh blood which youngly thou bestow’st Thou mayst call thine when thou from youth convertest. Herein lives wisdom, beauty, and increase; Without this, folly, age, and cold decay. If all were minded so, the […]

9Muses’ “Drama” MV

After migraines, insomnia:  and so, I made a point to check out the new 9Muses video: 9Muses is one of those K-pop ensembles unfortunate enough to stick a number in their moniker they couldn’t stick with.  They’ve shed and gained members all over the place, but currently they’re (back?) up to eight. I probably won’t […]

4Minute: “Cold Rain”

4Minute turns a new leaf with their first-ever promotional ballad, “Cold Rain”: First impression: not as instantly overwhelming as a “Gwaenchanayo”, but tuneful and pleasing.  A welcome relief from the assault of another Brave Brothers dance jam slice of fake-ass jive.  Lovely cinematography in that Bertolucci-style vein many great K-pop videos achieve when they go […]

Timothy Dalton is James Bond

Pulling a Sean Connery impression just won’t do– because you’re not Sean Connery. Roger Moore– I love him on screen, but you’re not Roger Moore either.  If Connery impressions make you look try-hard, Roger Moore impressions– well, your Roger Moore impression– just sounds gay. I’d put in a good– hell, a great– word for the […]

“Immense Growth and Infinite Potential”: A Pink on “Pops in Seoul”

I’ve recently been scouring through the delightful “Pops in Seoul” series with its comedic girl-group quizzes and fun bits of Engrish commentary– I’ve watched Laboum’s episode for “What About You?” three times already– and A Pink’s turn at bat for the “LUV” promotions, though minus Naeun, does not disappoint, particularly as the girls engage in […]

Beijing-Moscow High Speed Rail?

— at a staggering quarter-of-a-trillion dollars?  This sounds like something Lyndon LaRouche might cook up. A social media post, published by Beijing’s municipal government yesterday, finally confirmed that China are to go ahead with plans to build a multi-billion dollar high-speed rail link between Beijing and Moscow. The line aims will provide super fast transport […]

Laboum Wished Me a Merry Christmas

–but I didn’t know it till now: Ne! The indefatigably lovely young ladies of Laboum sat on the stairs to climb inside our hearts with merry wishes for that happy season which now, even by the most forgiving calendars, is more than two dull weeks in the past. But– as they drive themselves to show […]

Mickey Kaus: “Obnoxious Foodies”, with applications to meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Kaus used this expression “obnoxious foodies” before, and it had long stuck with me as a great shorthand for a certain sort of elitist–perhaps the largest part of our “elites”.  Kaus also coined the “juicebox mafia” to caption certain of his foes– led by the puerile Ezra Klein– but “obnoxious foodies”, which covers some of the […]

Rainbow Comeback in February

The unexpected but hoped-for return of Rainbow suddenly is upon us! Girl group Rainbow is set to make its long-awaited full-group comeback in February, over a year and a half since the act’s last musical release. The news was confirmed by DSP Media, the girl group’s talent agency, who also released a photograph of members […]

A Pink Draw Picassos

I would pay serious money for those portraits: –How did they do that?  Those belong in a museum.  Especially Namjoo’s Hayoung. But then, Eunji’s Naeun is more Picasso than Picasso.  That’s something to see!

(A bit of) T-ara’s Best

In a world grown bitter with indiscriminate mediocrity and civil disunion, I could use a quick jolt of uplift to lighten my spirits and instill the hope of better days, and as it chanced, a clever girl on allkpop’s forums gave me the chance by posing a scintillating question:  “Best T-ara mini album?” Member Whatislyf? […]

Idiotic cant about “21st Century Libraries”

A reader sends Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife a link to this hysterical slice of mumbo-jumbo about “21st century libraries”.  Not that I would waste my breath debunking this patently ludicrous ball of blather:  it’s just that, once I started snorting with laughter, I knew I had to share . It’s entitled “The Future of […]

“Shedding a silent tear”: Vox Day on Tribal histrionics

A Vox Day entry on some illuminating comments from a British Jewess, with vigorous debate in the comments about divided loyalties, Jewish hubris, Israel, self-serving definitions of “anti-Semitism”, and how to parse Jewish notions of “leadership”, plus asides about the Duke Islamic prayer controversy, Pope Francis the Talking Mule, etc. I don’t eat popcorn, but it’s […]

In case you ever doubted the “flu vaccine” was a crock

We now learn that: This year’s flu vaccine is only 23 percent effective, according to new estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That figure is on the low side of effectiveness for flu vaccines, and confirms earlier speculation among public health officials that this season’s vaccine was a poor match for […]

A Pink: Intimate Holiday Stages

A Pink performs a demi-acoustical version of “No No No” paired with “LUV” in full for Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook: A Pink send ears aflutter with all the soaring sweetness for which they justly are celebrated.  The lingering little syncopations in the first “No No No” chorus simulate a catch in the throat– did Bomi choke […]

Lovelyz’ “Candy Jelly Love”

I see that I’ve hardly spared a word for another great song I’ve been fondly enjoying through a myriad stage performances since November, much-noted rookie girl group Lovelyz’s “Candy Jelly Love”: The disconnect between the high perch this song has occupied in my listening habits and affections versus my deafening silence about it here is embarrassing, but hopefully highlighting this […]

Three Great Monotheisms: But One Has No Home

They’re all basically the same, right?  I mean: I.  Make fun of Christians– win an arts grant. II.  Make fun of Jews– lose your job. III. Make fun of Muslims– lose your life. The shows of ‘solidarity’ for “Charlie Hebdo” (and yes, I think it’s a stupid name and I still don’t know what it […]

“At the train station, I heard one schoolgirl telling her friends that World War III has started and she doesn’t care if anyone calls her racist”

–writes Vox Day: What has been ruled out of bounds for more than three decades is finally becoming the political fault line. And the line is not going to be drawn in the favor of those with blood on their hands, in the favor of those whom history will one day damn far more fervently […]

A Pink Win (in absentia) record 5th Show! Music Core trophy for “LUV”

I didn’t stay up for the broadcast, because last week A Pink did their “Goodbye Stage” and the only acts on last night (er, this morning) that I follow are EXID and NC.A.  I would’ve liked to watch, as I try to whenever my sleep patterns allow it, but I was really really pooped by […]

Ann Althouse: “Massacre” is the right word

Ann Althouse on the terror attack: I think “massacre” is the right word here, not “mass murder.” It should be recognized as a military operation — France is under attack — not some individuals who lost their mind or their temper and transgressed into the everyday evil we call murder. –The link Ann embeds in […]

“Of Christian Descent”

Fernand Braudel writes: Western Christianity was and remains the main constituent element in European thought– including rationalist thought, which although it attacked Christianity was also derivative from it.  Throughout the history of the West, Christianity has been at the heart of the civilization it inspires, even when it has allowed itself to be captured or […]

Vietnamese Fans Make a Heart for T-ara

T-ara enjoys love throughout Asia:

God Save France

God save France– for the French. God save the French as a free people. God save France from Islam.

NC.A Regained: “Oh My God” In A Fuzzy Canary Sweater

After watching NC.A debut her latest single “Coming Soon” on Show! Music Core yesterday, I had a sudden guilty flashback to some long-forgot stage with her performing “Oh My God” in a canary-yellow fuzzy sweater and other cute NC.Aesque stuff.  Was I dreaming, or was it all real?: I’ve tended to forget “Oh My God”, […]

A Pink Wins 16th Trophy for “LUV”

It’s hard to keep count, so I’m going with what the kids on the internet say, and reckon today’s victory on Show! Music Core (their fourth “Luv” win for that program) as win no. 16. This is counting that SBS new show The Show, which perhaps isn’t big or established enough to be canonical; but […]

Avril Lavigne: “Hello Kitty”

This came up in the comments at a tossaway isteve post, so I watched it and tolerated it well enough that, in the interests of racial diversity or some s**t like that, I’ll post it here. Long ago someone wrote in Nylon magazine that if you don’t like Avril Lavigne, you just don’t like teenage […]

2 years ago today

When I was a very impressionable teenage cineaste with a big thing for Ridley Scott, I boasted to some acquaintances that once 1492: Conquest of Paradise came out, 1492 would no longer be a date in history but a milestone in cinema. Boy, was that a dumb thing to say . . . . But from […]