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62 Noteworthy K-pop Singles of 2014: A Cheatsheet

For convenience’ sake, a semi-chronological-ish survey list of female-voiced K-pop singles of 2014, with an informal 4-asterick grading system:  4 stars being indisputable masterworks; 3 stars very good, or at least highly satisfying (some of these may prove in time to be of classic status); 2 stars for the pleasant but underwhelming; 1 star for songs […]

The Year in K-pop: Misses (Pt two)

4. Spica, “I Did It”: Perpetually overrated powerhouse vocal group Spica had a pretty decent year:  their first comeback, “You Don’t Love Me”, may be their least annoying single so far.  And the Kim Boa-free “sub unit” Spica.S (ie. everyone but Kim Boa) showed that they could be just as good or, erm, better without […]

The Year in K-pop: Misses (Pt one)

2014– the annus horibilis.  From the Ladies’ Code catastrophe, to the deaths of at an outdoor concert during 4minute’s set, to the SNSD breakup (yes that’s right, SONEs– without Jessica SNSD is no more), it’s been a year to test the faith of all who love the Korean sound and the people behind it. Still, […]

Silicon Valley and the Diversity Racket

At The Unz Review, Steve Sailer considers the implications (kabuki-style or otherwise) of “civil rights” agitators bringing “diversity” to the cognitively-challenging world of Silicon Valley.  This is one of Steve’s neat quote-and-reply posts, with some sharp ripostes, particularly at the expense of one of Steve’s best archetypal foils, the nepotistic sinecure-hire (Jewish, natch) who bitches […]

A Pink Wins Inkigayo Triple Crown

Last week skipped their regular broadcast, but with its return A Pink claims yet another major prize, and a second coveted three-in-a-row sweep. Looking regal as ever in their somber-themed “Luv” stages, A Pink dazzle in obsidian-and-gold brooches highlighting black-and-grey outfits.  The LCD backdrops for this performance shift through a variety of appealingly intimate nocturnal scenarios– […]

Christmas Cards With Dal Shabet

I’ve had a somewhat erratic Christmas season, what with a nasty little bout of stomach bug (throwing up on an empty stomach and all–fun, fun) and a longer period of rather wretched indigestion– all of which, though apparently resolved, has marooned me in a ridiculously depressing sleep cycle (no sleep at Mom’s for the pre-holidays plus […]

T-ara’s “Dear My Family” Christmas Concert

Kicking off their imminent Chinese tour, T-ara at last performed their first-ever domestic solo concert event on Korean soil for Christmas Day with a pair of “Dear My Family” shows in an 1,100 seat venue packed with dedicated fans. Here, their audience pays tribute with a rendition of T-ara’s holiday theme “O My God” for this […]

Christmas Greetings from A Pink

With a fresh win on M! Countdown’s Christmas special (sadly, that performance isn’t up for viewing yet [Update: Actually, they didn’t perform on that broadcast but won  in absentia]), A Pink continues to enjoy a busy Holiday season, but the members took a few minutes off to goof in front of the cameras and engage in spreading […]

Happy Birthday Jaekyung!

Rainbow’s hottie leader turns a well-preserved 26 this Christmas Eve! –Last musically reconnoitered back in January with the Rainbow BLAXX subunit, when she was barely 25, but still– Jaekyung is looking fine, and will, we trust, take us back over the Rainbow again in the new year.  

A Pink Win Show! Music Core Triple Crown

A Pink’s “Luv” takes the win for the third consecutive broadcast of MBC’s Show! Music Core, making them the sixth artist, and the first girl group, ever to earn this distinction. A lovely Christmas-themed performance was given, and a merry time was had by all.  God bless A Pink!  Merry Christmas A Pink!

GreatBooksForMen: A GBFM(TM) Primer

Heartiste commenter Randy the Random points to one of the GreatBooksForMen(TM)’s innumerable and dazzling offerings as his “magnum opus” and “primer”.  While it would be difficult to coronate only one GBFM missive as his crowning statement, this one is a worthy contender and, better to fill men’s bellies with the loaves he leaves (cf. the […]

Put a ring on it, Jessica!

[UPDATE:  Jessica denies the rumours.] “Former” SNSD Jessica Jung, out with boyfriend Tyler Kwon . . . . . . . shopping for baby clothes. Oh dear.  From allkpop: Jessica and rumored boyfriend Tyler Kwon are once again making headlines as Chinese media has reported that the two are currently living together in Hong Kong. […]

North Koreans 1, Hollywood 0

–I know, I know:  freedom of expression and all that jazz. But after all this time, watching the Hollywood  brillo-heads fuzzballs laugh it up at the expense of Jesus, Christians, blondes,  “WASPs”, Nixon, Thatcher, Reagan, T. S. Eliot, fraternities, chastity, and table manners, it looks like those clever funnypeople finally found out there may be somebody out there […]

A Pink Wins Inkigayo Second Week in a Row With “LUV”

A Pink completes a second week of all-kill sweeps through the currently broadcasting K-pop music shows.  Setting us up– dare we mention it?– for a coveted Triple Crown in the week ahead. But should it not come to that, “LUV”s triumph has been dazzling and assured.  And here’s their latest winning performance from Inkigayo, alight […]

A Pink Wins Show! Music Core 2nd Week in a Row

Yayyyy!!!!  And I finally stayed up to watch it live!!  –How I’ve hated myself for letting insomnia crush my chances last week and back when “Mr Chu” won in April. But beddy-bye shortly.  Performance clip and update tomorrow . . . .

A Pink Wins Music Bank 2nd Week in Row

Truly, truly, A Pink has arrived. Their first consecutive win!  Ne, groups objectively lesser in popularity than A Pink have pulled off this feat before, but that makes it all the more special that A Pink has secured this coveted career milestone. So let us enjoy this moment of triumph, with A Pink’s tongues tied […]

2014 T-ara Birthdaygasm: Happy Birthday Eunjung and Qri!

This hallowed day has arrived– again– oh, Time flies, my loves, Time flies! Yet even as a third of T-ara today turns the page on another year of life, we rejoice to find that our heroines are only (Eunjung) 26 and (Qri) 28! Shy, dreamy Qri: Ebullient, extroverted Eunjung: –Well, usually ebullient and extroverted.  AND&END had […]

AOA: “Like a Cat”

The other big girl-group hit in K-pop at the moment besides the wonderful “LUV” is AOA’s feisty “Like a Cat”, their third single of the year and the first to surpass last fall’s delectable “Confused”: Part of AOA’s high concept is that the girls actually play instruments or something.  That’s good and all, but why […]

Titus Didius Tacitus writes

John Adams said: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” Nothing like that exists […]

EXID’s Viral Comeback

Girl group EXID suffered an almost two-year hiatus in part due to corporate reshufflings before they finally returned this summer with the hippity-hoppy dance jam “Up & Down”. Founded by megaproducer Shinsadong Tiger, EXID’s had a colorful and troubled gestation:  three of six founding members left a few months after their debut, ostensibly to return to […]

Ethereal Communications from da GreatBooksForMen(TM)

Like daz Obeyy Wonz ghostazs speaks! (or perhaps I’d better discorrect my spellings and grammars lest I get caught in the SJW spam-sweeper’s net?) hey dalrockasz!! the afterlifesz is not so badz even dough u can’t get mysteries youtube vidoes up here, so live it up down therez! i made it 2 heavenz and put […]

Happy Birthday Zuny

Ladies’ Code member Zuny turns 20 today. Though this bleak season in her young life can hardly be expected to bring much cheer, we wish her peace, comfort, and hope; and perhaps, amid unavoidably sad recollections, the promise of a few smiles among friends.  God bless.

A Pink Wins Inkigayo

A Pink’s masterful and magical “Luv” continues its winning streak! –With a stage lucent enough to rival their glorious winning performance on Show! Music Core.  A Pink’s “Luv” keeps raking in the trophies as the canon of beautiful broadcast performances piles up. Winning Inkigayo feels particularly important to me:  it is, of all places, the […]

Christmas Belles: A Pink Wins Show! Music Core

Irradiant and angelic, supernal A Pink soars to triumph on Saturday’s Show! Music Core with another win for “Luv”: –with perhaps their most lambent and lively stage yet.  Congratulations, A Pink!  God Bless A Pink, and God bless the Pink Pandas!

A Pink Win With “Luv”

–Not that it’s actually late in coming, but I’ve been holding my breath for this: After making their comeback two weeks ago, A Pink takes their first Music Bank win with “LUV.” Congratulations to the girls! They had also taken home the win on SBS’s “The Show” earlier this week.** Yes! During their encore stage, […]

A Pink: The Music Bank Comeback

A Pink’s “Secret” plus “Luv” set for their comeback stage on November 21st’s broadcast of KBS’s Music Bank: –I think “Luv” has my favorite choreography of all time.  I’m not a terspichordian type, but all this meticulous hand-signaling and hair-flipping just dazzles me.  It’s all so classical and feminine, and yet– there’s a parade ground polish, an […]