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A Pink’s “Luv”: Second Week Stages

A Pink’s second “Luv” stage for Inkigayo, this time glancing backwards into the dusty romantic glow of late Autumn amid Palladian scenes of warm rustic splendor: –it has the wistful, hopeful glow of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.  The lambent grey silks are a terrific touch–if Winter comes, can Luv be far behind? A Pink’s Show! Music […]

A Pink’s Season of Love: the Show Champion comeback

A Pink’s lambent “Luv” comeback stage for Wednesday night’s Show Champion: –accompanied, as is their wont with a Show Champion comeback, with a full-length performance for another track; but this time instead of another Pink Luv song (they’ve done “Secret” on other broadcasts), they bring out for the first time live their January one-off Duble […]

Be Thankful for da GreatBooksForMen(TM)

Whatever the source of that dire attack, Know, World Web, GBFM will be back: The butthext matrix cannot adumbrate His exalted cause, which still coruscates Through the Net forest like that Golden Bough Aeneas plucked, to plumb the depths below Where, past Tunis’ queen, and other dire scenes He found his father and the Roman dream– A world of […]

Happy Birthday Yulhee!

As promised, now has come the time to honor the sweet Seventeenth birthday of Laboum rapping doll Yulhee! –I haven’t been very good as an “early adaptor” in K-pop, but I’m happy to say that rookie ensemble Laboum is looking very promising.  The exuberant “Pit a Pat” made a fun debut, and swift on its […]

A Pink Holiday

A Pink’s lucent rondo of lovelorn backwards-glancing, staged against a glinting forest of stylized snowy Christmas pines. Hearts aflutter, the Holidays are here.

A Pink’s Return

With the moody, sheeny, wintry retro-chic of “Luv”:

A Pink’s “Luv” teaser

Despite the dreadful week-long delay for the release of Pink Luv, A Pink has proceeded apace with teasers– first, the three rounds of photos, then the mysterious first video teaser, then a rolling snippet “album teaser”, and now finally a teaser for what appears to be the mv itself for lead single “Luv”: –and, as I […]

The Prophet Isaiah Rebukes Me

I have spoken blasphemy–long have I nursed it in my heart– and I open the Prophet to get told-to this: This thought of yours is perverse:  as if the clay should think against the potter, and the work should say to the maker thereof:  Thou madest me not:  or the thing framed should say to […]

T-ara’s “Number Nine”: the MV that should’ve been

Speaking of disco–  the teaser for A Pink’s “Luv”, with its mysterious and nostalgic ’70s soft-rock vibe (suggestive perhaps even of– spare us from evil– The Virgin Suicides) put me to thinking of another great video teaser– one that, like so many teasers– proved to promise something that was not to be. K-pop photo and […]

“Disco sucked”

–notes commenter Salt in the comments for a rather, erm, salty reply by Vox Day to a Steve Sailer tongue-in-cheek aside on Baby Boomer music and its perpetual, uhm, vivacity.. C’mon, guys, Steve was just being funny. Salt’s comment in full: Disco sucked. The only good thing I ever witnessed around disco was this one […]

A Pink: “Pink Luv” teaser

The first video teaser for the “Pink Luv” comeback:  a dreamy and mysterious evocation of schoolgirl macaroons and memories, with the members dispersed as if upon some angelic errand amid a rising crescendo of excitement: –produced by Shinsadong Tiger, who finally can claim a megahit for 2014, and waft A Pink to heights upon heights of […]

Rainbow’s 5th Anniversary

K-pop girl group Rainbow observes its 5th anniversary today.  Beleaguered by long bouts of vocal cord injuries, as well as the expected mismanagement from legendarily messed-up DSP Media, Rainbow reaches this milestone with a slender discography and a middling-at-best station in K-pop’s commercial hierarchy.  Subunit Rainbow Blaxx, comprising four of the seven members, had a […]

Ladies’ Code Road Manager Indicted; Members Return to their Dorm

Though keeping abreast of Ladies’ Code developments, I’ve been remiss in reporting them.  Late September saw news Sojung recovered well from her operation, though Ashley and Zuny were still receiving treatment.  Late October revealed Zuny and Ashley had gone home to family.  In the meantime, the initial story that Ladies’ Code’s van had lost a wheel, causing […]

A Pink Rainbow

A Pink sparkles in their 3rd “Mr. Chu”  stage for Inkigayo, part of the return to broadcast promotions after the Sewol disaster. And this November 11th, besides its quotidian claim to gravity, draws us only a week shy of the release of A Pink’s latest album, to be entitled–so rumor has it– Pink Luv. Gaze upon […]

A Trilogy In Pastels: K-pop’s Mysterious Autumnal Auteur

After months of scratching my head over “whoever made that Rainbow Blaxx video must’ve made that FIESTAR video” before I bing-ed my way to discover the genius of Digipedi, I won’t scratch my head trying to uncover the identity of the auteur(s) behind this trio of recent K-pop music videos.  Let’s instead naively revel in […]

Meanwhile, in other news, AOA turn into leather kitty-cats

Meow.  As the Hyuna-looking mean girl in Hi! School: Love On says, boys love cat-face. –About this time last year, AOA’s “Confused” was an almost-guiltless guilty pleasure, with all that high-gloss tight leather pants slow-mo grinding and what-not.  Okay, they’re no T-ara, they’re no SNSD– but for what they are (a straight-up “sexy concept” girl […]

Happy Birthday Yura!

Girl’s Day’s minxish rapper Yura turns 22! Girl’s Day’s two triumphant mini-albums of 2014 have been rounded off with their new ballad compilation, with the crisp and cheerily wintry “I Miss You” video above to remind us of their girlish womanly charms as they mope and wax melancholy over love– love, ah!  Like a bright […]

A Pink November Comeback Teaser Photos

Red Velvet’s Wendy does adorable “Raciss” impressions

–which supposedly have “infuriated” “international fans”. Well, as something of a “raciss” myself, who feels Africans have plenty enough scope for their vibrancy in ruining the resource-rich continent they proudly call home (while hanging on to their white taskpayer-provided bucket of fried chicken for dear life at the thought of ever being air-delivered back to […]

The most dangerous figure in American history

The combination of Obama’s radical, nation-remaking agenda, his calm, collected personality, his effortless and infinite capacity for lying, and the worshipful attitude many people have toward him, makes him the most dangerous figure in American history. —Wrote Lawerence Auster in January 2009. Obama proposes unconstitutional executive action to anoint with citizenship myriads of criminal indigent […]

A Pink Is Nigh

Our last refuge of aesthetic hope signals its return to the fray: Fickle though I may be, my treasured hours hunkered down with A Pink’s complete discography– which I only slowly set out to sample after months devoted last year exclusively to the immortal Secret Garden mini-album– have assured me that, remarkable as T-ara’s vast, moody, ravishing […]