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Australia Closes Borders to Ebolastan

Thank God! Australia became the first developed country on Tuesday to shut its borders to citizens of the countries worst-hit by the West African Ebola outbreak, a move those states said stigmatized healthy people and would make it harder to fight the disease. Australia’s ban on visas for citizens of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea […]

I, For One, Welcome Our Beaver Overlords

[Ed.:  That is soooo blue pill of you!] –Damnit, man, I’m talking about the real beavers– the dam beavers.  What are they up to, besides “reengineering the landscape”?  I don’t know; but since white men let fall the right to get stuff done, I’m happy to let the beavers build their better tomorrow. I think […]

T-ara’s Hyomin Wins Poll As Best Idol Rapper In K-pop

What a thrill!  –Yes, allkpop readers voted Hyomin the best rapper in the K-pop music biz, male or female.  Congratulations! [Ed.:  And perchance did you vote early and often?] Aniyo!  If I voted in this thing at all, it was only once and at the beginning.  I might have then– Dal Shabet’s Kaeun was up […]

The Apocalypse Bowleth Over

–thanks to a dickhead hipster humanitarian doctor. Check it out at the New York Daily’s link above.  This schmuck of an MD claimed to “self-quarantine” himself and then went bowling instead.  An actual honest-to-god physician. Hell, the guy’s even white. Which just goes perfectly to show that the whole project of Western technocracy, with its […]

Happy Birthday Linzy!

FIESTAR’s minxy Linzy turns 25! –Don’t do anything untoward** now, dear.  But I know you won’t. Linjee’s my bias, btw.  BAM! [NB:  Yes, I could’ve said “unclean”, and that’d go with the imagery.  But there would be something– unclean– about the very word.  Anyway, God bless FIESTAR.] [Ed.:  They need it.]  –WE ALL DO!!

Are We Dead Yet?

Things got awful quiet all of a sudden, didn’t they? All those piles of bedclothes soiled with blood and puke and shit; the infected taking flight.  That Nigerian guy dead on arrival at JFK after puking on the plane over.  All those order-of-magnitude leaps in the numbers of persons of interest who have to check […]

Sugar Sweet Stage Dolls: T-ara’s Club Kid Personae

T-ara’s “Sugar Free” promotions have come and gone with as little enthusiasm on my part as any T-ara release, even in the equivocal age of Ahreum, has ever seen; but that doesn’t mean the whole thing has been unredeemable.  True, “I Don’t Want You” would’ve made a better single– a truth presumably acknowledged on their end […]

From the files of my imaginary European girlfriend

Andr The isteve commenter known as “pizza with . . . ” mixes it up with noted isteve windbag syon over The Social Network.  Noteworthy “pizza” salvoes include: Didn’t Zuck marry some Chinese girl with tree-trunk legs? How come she’s missing in the movie? I don’t think Zuck was a closet-romantic type yearning for love. […]

Operation Dark Winter

The notes for 2001 US government smallpox-attack war game “Operation Dark Winter”  [h/t Cataline Sergius] make for grimly interesting reading.  Certain aspects of the exercise are badly dated– the hypothetical bioweapons attack originates from Saddam’s Iraq, which appears to be in cahoots with “Usama Bin Laden”.  These regrettable reminders of the idiotic neo-con Washington consensus […]

Butt Pats and Pretty Underwears

and other incandescent inanity, courtesy of BESTie:  

Christmas 2014

Spoiler alert! Happy Holidays.  Coming soon . . . . P.S.:  In the odd event this does not accurately portray how you hope to ring in the new year with your loved ones and neighbors:  Please close the f**king borders. RIGHT NOW

Happy Birthday Suzy!

miss A songstress, model, award-winning actress and “Nation’s First Love” Suzy turns 20: I suppose the slinky quartet will drop a seventh single before too long, but in the meantime we wish the sweet minx– and Suzy does flash a little sour from time to time [Ed.:  She’s just miss understood because h8rs r jeally!]– a sweet […]

Hooked on Stereophonics

–I’m vaguely aware there was some British band of the Oasis years called Stereophonics, and that may have inspired the latest of her crypto-Sharptonian word plays to catch my eye (“a ‘pun’ is a play on turds”, as a cousin’s boyfriend once politely explained to my brother when he demanded to be informed what the “‘P’-word” alluded […]

Proposed Inscription for the Gravestone of the United States of America

“We had to pass Ebola to see what was in it.”

David Lynch returns

The supposedly-retired auteur, who announced sometime after Inland Empire that he had no more interest in making films, will co-write and direct a nine-episode special run of Twin Peaks. –I’m not an expert on all things Twin Peaks: The Series, but the prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me still appeals as Lynch’s single […]

Happy Birthday Soyeon!

The T-ara Main Vocalist and taken doll turns 27! Love and well-wishes, mellifluous one.