“Adolf Hitler waged war like he was on some grand Rock Concert tour or something”

–The infinitely quotable, controversial, and probably very very caffeinated Andrea Ostrov Letania is at it again in her latest mega-essay.

There’s a time for subtle jabbing at opponents, and there’s a time for rage and war. Suppose a bunch of Turks in Turkey made some cutting remarks about Americans. Okay, no reason for WWIII. We can insult them back with sarcasm or some witty retort. But suppose Turks were taking over all American institutions and forcing an agenda that is devastatingly harmful to the white race. Should white guys respond with appeasement or gentle ribbing/jabbing? No, it’s time to get angry and all riled up because, when the situation grows really dire, one must feel the rage, fight, and kick butt. But over the many decades, white people just kept on appeasing the Jews and refused to fight in kind against the enemy that was doing great harm to the white race. Jews defamed whites, but whites refused to defame Jews. You should always hate a people who hate you, and if you think Jews don’t hate the white race, you’re more brainwashed than the dupes in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.


What worth is a man who doesn’t fight for his own race, people, and culture but cowers to other races and even to homos? White males today are no different from black males under slavery who were forbidden to serve black power, black identity, black pride, and black interests but had to serve his white massuh, indeed even when his black woman was looking at him ho-de-do before the white master. The irony is just too juicy: Today, for straight white guys to get any white pussy, they must prove to white women that they revere homos who take it up the ass and blacks who want to steal white pussy.


Because of the long legacy of the Rule of Law, US and EU are still leading centers of the world, especially since the rest of the world still has a long way to go in developing legal institutions, and this goes for Japan as well. But, the legacy and the great inheritance of the Rule of Law in nations like UK, Sweden, Norway, and Germany is being eroded by the influence of globo-Zionist elites who don’t like notion of nationalist Rule of Law — except in Israel where they totally love it — because Jews feel that any nationalist Rule of Law in a gentile nation might get in the way of Jewish elite interest that is networked worldwide across national borders. Jews prefer a new globalist Rule of Law that will have Jews around the world decide what is ‘good’ for all nations — again, with the exception of Israel that shall forever be privileged in formulating its own laws — , but of course, what Jews really have in mind is how to weaken the national autonomies of all nations so that they will be like butter to the hot Jewish knife to enter and slice up. When Jews say something is ‘good’ for us, they really mean it’s great for themselves (and of course, bad for us).


The Latin character tends to favor the grandiosity of style over the minutiae of substance, and it is therefore more likely to mask the deficiencies, malfunctions, and imperfections than assiduously poring over them to fix the problems at the basic level. Instead of identifying and fixing all the tiny problems and rebuilding the new and better system from the ground up, the Latin character just paints or paves over the imperfections with the New Look; Italians are better with fashion than with facts.


Group-think is a kind of intellectual or mental tribalism where one ‘mindfully’ agrees with the prevailing truisms of a group, movement, or community. (It feels like real thinking because its manner is ‘mindful’ than ‘mindless’. For example, a Liberal might attend one of those conferences of think tanks where people with elevated credentials pontificate about stuff in an academic, witty, and/or sophisticated manner. Since the style and demeanor of the speakers are so ‘thoughtful’, the listeners may feel that they too are mindfully engaging in the intellectual process when, in fact, they are falling under its sway because of its conceit of being ‘enlightened’, ‘intellectual’, ‘progressive’, or ‘balanced’. This is the shtick of NPR, which is like elevator music of intellectualism. The ‘intelligent’ style of NPR lulls and disarms listeners into just inhaling the opiate of ‘intelligent-ness’.

And, as Andrea would say, “and etc.”.  I haven’t even finished reading it, but it’s very enjoyable and far-ranging as usual.

{Ed,:  I see you skipped her little aphorism about the Koreans?]  –Yeah, well.  Andrea knows I don’t agree with her about everything.  And sometimes she generalizes a bit too much, and from the movies at that.  And I still don’t know what the “pizza” schtick is all about either.

But Andrea, though probably too old for me, is like my fantasy high school girlfriend:  smart, argumentative, endlessly gabby about interesting things, and utterly unscandalizable.

Okay, I didn’t know much about women then, and a relationship with an Andrea is probably a nightmare.  If I compare her to the Marquise de Merteuil, probably she’ll take offence and start up a 6,000 word dialectical diatribe that moves through Tarkovsky, Leone, Judaea, the Beach Boys, the cast of a John Schlesinger movie from the 70s, the Twilight books, Joan Didion, African steppes, Wisconsin Lutherans, and ends with– I’m not sure.  Probably an alliterative smack-down with some potty humor and the promise of a sequel.  Be still my aching heart.


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