Rise’s Funeral

From allkpop:

Families, friends, and fans’ hearts went out to Ladies’ Code as the funeral procession took place for RiSe at Korea University Anam Hospital in Seongbukgu, Seoul on the morning of September 9.


Members Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung were present to pay their respects to the late RiSe who passed away on the 7th at 10:10 AM KST due to severe injuries from the tragic accident. Sojung, who was unable to attend the late EunB’s funeral on the 5th due to her surgery, made her way out of the hospital in a wheelchair despite still being in recovery from her procedure. Also in attendance were family members, agency artists and employees, as well as fellow ‘Birth of a Great Star’ contestants.

After the funeral procession, the cremation will take place and RiSe will be laid to rest in Japan. 

–Piteous as it is to see Sojung in such a battered condition, at least it gives us hope she will make a real recovery from this.  Early, scattered but apparently honestly intentioned reports from the crash had identified her as dead.  Perhaps that was a confusion with RiSe, who was in terrible enough a shape she soon would die; but after all this loss, one clings to what we have left.

This shocking and woeful episode has been a harsh reminder of the role disaster and mortality play in all our lives.  From this side of the grave, treatments of the incomprehensible mystery beyond it must almost of necessity devolve into sentimental well-wishing of a sort that makes even many of those confident of that better world take pause.  And yet it is only due to the departed that we pray these two great friends in life, RiSe and EunB, find themselves in that happier and incorruptible realm where their sudden end here becomes a thing of no trouble– except perhaps as it troubles us– and may the benedictions of that heavenly kingdom rain upon the wounded left behind.  Godspeed Ladies’ Code.


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  1. Eric · · Reply

    I’ve been following these recent posts and it’s very sad news: but I agree these two are in a better place.

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