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Jessica’s Statement

–Ebola’s in the USA, btw, so better start thinking about that four month peanut butter diet real soon– but in the meantime, acknowledged former (sigh) SNSD member Jessica’s statement on her sacking: Hello. This is Jessica. I was given a notice of departure from Girls’ Generation by the agency on September 29, and I cannot […]

Headline: “Jessica’s absence at the airport, Weibo update, & lack of response from SM leave fans worrying + stock prices drop”

From allkpop, where Jessica-gate stories have maxed out all five perches on the Top Five Stories index. I’ve just got back & will need time to assimilate. [Update:]  A poignant confessional from member langlang at another allkpop article: im usually a silent reader here not even making an account until this year, and im one […]


I have to go, like, five minutes ago, because I have to drive an hour and a half to make a date with the ‘rents, and I just check real quick online with the morning coffee and: Has Jessica been dropped from Girls’ Generation?  Recently, she updated her Weibo account with an alarming post. She […]

Crayon Pop: “C’mon C’mon”

When spunky low-fi K-pop outfit Crayon Pop broke big with last year’s “Bar Bar Bar”, things seemed set for a hegemonic wave of Crayon Popmania.  A year later, it’s hard to tell where it went– or maybe it’s still in the wings?  Their “Lonely Christmas” was an ingenious hit, but early ’14 comeback “Uh-ee” was […]

Life’s a Party

–when you live in a high-IQ, , high-trust, ethnically homogeneous nation. But nobody does anymore in the West: In France, large swaths of Muslim neighborhoods are now considered “no-go” zones by French police. At last count, there are 751 Sensitive Urban Zones (Zones Urbaines Sensibles, ZUS), as they are euphemistically called. A complete list of […]

Hyeri and Sojin: Bad for a day

Girl’s Day has established itself, against the odds, as one of the strongest girl groups, commercially and aesthetically; and so it is only just that we commemorate a bit of their fashionable nonsense.  Smoldery Sojin and simpering Hyeri’s posings were noted thus at soompi: On September 18, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri and Sojin transformed into London girls for the […]

Happy Birthday Hyoyeon!

SNSD’s ambrosia-blonde and dazzling and romantically complicated “dancing machine” turns 25! And, as it happens, she has just been making the news: On September 22, a representative of the police department in Seoul Yongsan revealed to The Fact, “On the night of September 21, Mr. Kim [Hyoyeon’s ex-boyfriend] got involved in a physical altercation with […]

Ladies’ Code: “I’m Fine Thank You”

In the wake of September 3rd’s disastrous accident, LADIES’ CODE fans fell upon the group’s mid-tempo ballad “I’m Fine Thank You” as a signature tune to stream and purchase, thus posthumously achieving EunB’s stated wish to see her group reach No. 1. Polaris has since compiled behind-the-scenes footage into an MV tribute for the group, including RiSe […]

A Pink’s Week at No 48

When I predicted for “Mr Chu” a long chart stint that would endure to August, or even beyond, I was hedging just a little, as I knew from surveying the stints of other hits that that might actually prove a tall order. Since I tossed in a “or even beyond” clause, I suffered some anxiety when August […]

It’s Funny Because It’s True (Sept 16th ed)

At althouse, commenter Archie writes: 99% of Pakistanis make the other 1% look bad. lolzlolzlzlozlz  “It’s funny because it’s true.”   Not much “value added” with that population in the pack.  Don’t they have a teeming nation to call their own? [Ed.:  You need to check your legacy of historical racism!] –My “racism” is hardly “historical”.  It’s in the […]

Happy Birthday Serri!

Dal Shabet leader Serri turns 24! Post–B.B.B. album, Serri and the gang have been keeping us richly entertained with the episodes of Shabet On Air, their youtube BTS series.  From dorm cookery to shooting shows to planting apple trees or just galavanting around in the park, their girlish camaraderie and spontaneous goofery brightly endear.  Serri […]

The Kinder, Gentler T-ara Comeback (“I Don’t Want You”)

T-ara perform the Duble Sidekick-produced album track “I Don’t Want You” for Inkigayo.  Ambivalent as I am about Duble Sidekick’s almost hegemonic ubiquity in K-pop (and they are brilliant, but–), perhaps T-ara should’ve bitten the bug and let them do the lead single.  This is such a blessed respite from the Germanic bombast of “Sugar […]

“Adolf Hitler waged war like he was on some grand Rock Concert tour or something”

–The infinitely quotable, controversial, and probably very very caffeinated Andrea Ostrov Letania is at it again in her latest mega-essay. There’s a time for subtle jabbing at opponents, and there’s a time for rage and war. Suppose a bunch of Turks in Turkey made some cutting remarks about Americans. Okay, no reason for WWIII. We can insult them […]

Ladies’ Code Sojung update

I’ve kept my diary up-to-date, but I thought it appropriate to allow a couple of days of respectful silence to fall after RiSe’s funeral.  I haven’t seen any notices about Zuny and Ashley’s precise conditions (they being the least battered of the survivors), but soompi and allkpop offer slightly different accounts of the latest information […]

Rise’s Funeral

From allkpop: Families, friends, and fans’ hearts went out to Ladies’ Code as the funeral procession took place for RiSe at Korea University Anam Hospital in Seongbukgu, Seoul on the morning of September 9. Members Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung were present to pay their respects to the late RiSe who passed away on the 7th at 10:10 AM KST due […]

Happy Chuseok

The great Korean autumn harvest family festival– Korea’s “Thanksgiving”, though rather a bigger and warmer, more Keatsian, production than ours– falls this year on September 8th.  It is a time of traditional costuming, family togetherness, and copious dining.  As a dedicated fan of Autumn, I can only imagine the good cheer this, or some analogous, September […]

Ladies’ Code’s RiSe dies in hospital

Member RiSe never regained consciousness after the deadly crash on the 3rd.  After many hours of surgery, the doctors had to suspend operations on account of low blood pressure and brain swelling.  Her company announced: Ladies’ Code’s RiSe has passed away to the heavens at 10:10 AM on the 7th, at 23 years of age. […]

Ladies’ Code’s EunB dead in car crash

–and two members in critical condition.  Rumors that member Sojung also died appear to be false.  Member RiSe has undergone extensive surgical treatment for head injuries.  Godspeed the injured, and God rest the departed. –I had only just begun paying attention to Ladies’ Code in the past week, as part of my occasional homework assignment […]

T-ara Return Countdown: Ten Days to 9/11

T-ara returns on September 11th with their latest masterwork.  Ten days off, and with Pale September begun, let us relive the last shattering instance of the wait for a new domestic T-ara release with their epic ballad-disco musical fusion extravaganza, the “Do You Know Me?” mv: –the wait for which kept me up for about […]