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More Loveable Red Velvet

It’s still a mystery why SMEnt felt obliged to scramble and bestow their rookie trainees upon the world ahead of schedule, while pulling erstwhile cashcow f(X) from promotions.  But why ask why when they are so adorably entertaining? –They’re like Sesame Street for grownups.  Or children.  Clever Ice People children.  Who should never watch Sesame […]

FIESTAR Revamps: Plus, Happy Birthday Cao Lu!

A case of synchronicity: after watching the Show! Music Core broadcast I got curious to see that one lone stage FIESTAR performed of their summer comeback “One More” (that would be their Comeback Stage) before the song got banned. Actually, I still haven’t seen that performance because I got distracted when I saw they’d done […]

Lindsey Wixson in a blue dress embossed with an owl, an oversized lavender beanie, and headphones

They said she wouldn’t last.  They said she couldn’t walk.  Poor gap-toothed Lindsey Wixson took spills and, so the gossips muttered, pissed people off. Yet Lindsey has endured, prospered, triumphed.  She is ubiquitous and beloved.  Who today is the world’s greatest model?  Karlie Kloss with her anorexic abs and penchant for fetishwear?  Daphne Groeneveld, the […]

PA on “Good Girls”

Noted manosphere frequent contributor PA writes at heartiste: A good girl is, prima facie, as disgusted with the thought of sex with a strange man (especially if she has a man she loves) as a man would be with homo sex. If you’re a straight man and an ultra charming homosexual approaches you, and callibrates […]

“Let’s Just Marry Our Fans”

The two-year old (a couple of weeks shy of that, actually), but still fresh and young, Dal Shabet allkpop interview/ Serri’s Birthday celebration!: –still a prime artifact of lasting entertainment value in the canon of charm and whimsy that is K-pop girl groups.  And it’s Ah Young who delivers the titular sentiment.  Though perhaps, finally, […]

Desert Storm TV

Discussing a Roger Simon neocon splitter-splutter opinion piece over at Vox Popoli, commenter Nate wonders: I wonder what percentage of neocons are neocons based solely on the extreme entertainment value of Desert Storm TV in 1991. Commenter Josh replies: Desert storm was Peak America. In retrospect, it was also the worst thing that could have […]

Teen Vogue Brought to Life

[Ed.:  Don’t forget to renew your subscription!]

Girl’s Day’s “Darling”: The Music Core Debut

It was only a month and a week ago, but Girl’s Day’s “Darling” comeback, in all its confectioner’s sugary splendor, surely attains instant classic status in the canon of K-pop stages: Especially against the backdrop of a mediocre season, “Darling” shines dazzling in its ebullient romance.  While Brave Brothers’ commercial slop continues to choke the midlist […]

“I’ve had a lot of experience with women”

“I kind of have a handle on what they love, what turns them on. Women get turned on by what they wear, women get turned on by looking hot. The last thing women do before they go out at night is check out their butts. They turn around and look at it in the mirror. […]

Rich Lowry suddenly talks like an honest to God conservative

Unironic title!  From breitbart (internal links their own): Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, denounced Republican elites and their high-priced consultants in the permanent political class for pushing amnesty legislation by perpetuating the myth that there are so many jobs that American workers won’t do.  “The next time I hear a Republican strategist or a […]

Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Flipping through Wordsworth, I elected once more to scan that chestnut, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, to illuminate once more the inner eye with his roaming vision of that surprise spread of dazzling daffodils: Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: […]

Happy Birthday Eunji!

A Pink main vocalist, star of television, and my fantasy wife or other wife, Jung Eunji, turns 21! And, buoyed no doubt by A Pink’s turn on reality program Showtime, “Mr Chu” gains 15 points on the soompi charts to take No 31!  While Eunji’s summer duet “Break Up to Make Up” remains at No […]

“Darling” in the rain

I didn’t stay up last night for MBC’s Summer Concert special broadcast of Show! Music Core, but there was Girl’s Day, getting soaked in their green cheerleader outfits, performing for masses of Koreans in raincoats, and a jolly time was had by all: Performing “Darling” in the rain is a sort of logical climax to […]

F(X) is Dead, Long Live Red Velvet

Much as I enjoy reposting archival A Pink performances and celebrating their birthdays (Eunji’s is Monday!), there hasn’t been much–positive–news in the present tense worth reporting on from the world of K-pop. I could bewail the fact that SHITSTAR SISTAR’s summer single appears to be pulling ahead of Girl’s Day’s “Darling” in the wins count […]

Happy Birthday Bomi!

Beloved A Pink goddess Bomi turns 21! We have lately been jamming on the fashionable goddess’s moody collab with M.I.B., but Bomi in her natural state is an effervescent angel–and a very chic goof. A Pink sails from success to success, and our young heroines are as fresh and vernal as at their start.  May the […]

Lauren Bacall

–in Howard Hawks’ inexhaustibly entertaining masterpiece To Have and Have Not, the Thinking Man’s Casablanca and also the start of a beautiful (if sometimes rocky) relationship between the new starlet and Humphrey Bogart.  Godspeed.

A Year Ago In A Pink

A sprightly rendition, in summery outfits and slightly remixed format, of “No No No” for Show! Music Core: –when their masterpiece was still dominating the charts. In affairs a year forward, “Mr Chu” drops to No. 46 in this, its eighteenth week on the soompi charts (fifteen of them spent in the Top Twenty).  All […]

Ice, Ice Alliance, Baby: L’Oreal’s Miss Manga

Contrary to what casual readers might assume, I’m no unambivalent fan of Euro-Asian miscegenation (though Lord knows it’s nothing near as awful as all the other miscegenating options on the globalizers’ table).  I am, however, all for cross-cultural pollination among the illustrious Ice Peoples, which is why I’m greatly amused by this L’Oreal ad: –Actually, I’ve […]

“A Pink Has Widened the Area of Innocence”

–and I call that an heroic achievement.  Earlier this summer: Sankei Sports reported, “Sexy girl groups conquer Korean music, but A Pink has widened the area of innocence. Their clear voices and innocent aura will give them many fans in Japan as well. They’re planning to translate their Korean songs into Japanese to appeal their […]

A Year Ago in A Pink

A Pink performs the world’s greatest pop single, “No No No” on MBC’s Show! Music Core, August 3rd 2013: –which I guess was our August 2nd, but I forgot to put this up yesterday (or Saturday).  Apologies, A Pink. –Anyway, another great show was enjoyed by all.  And a year forward, A Pink prepares for its […]

Dal Shabet Charades

Just released 3 minutes prior when I clicked on it!  If I hadn’t watched that M.I.B. feat. Bomi performance from Show Champion last December before I checked Dal Shabet’s channel, I would’ve missed it.  [Ed.:  The horror.] –Hey.  Proof Subin is capable of jumping up and down.  High volubility from all members.  Woohee doing the […]

The people have no f(x)? Let them eat Red Velvet

There’s a great Powerpuff Girls episode where they’re battling this fiend called, I think, Masked Era or Error or something (was she voiced by Phyllis Diller, btw?), a disgruntled cosmetics employee whose dastardly scheme/superpower consists of zapping people with bad eyeliner jobs they can’t wash off (NB: I honestly can’t remember if this was used […]

Happy Birthday Tiffany!

Pop megagoddess SNSD Tiffany turns 25! Meanwhile, here’s an old classic T-ara performance, doing their co-ed Supernova collab “T.T.L.”: OMG there’s Tiffany at the very end!  Tiffany smiles at us!  Hi Tiffany! Cake.  Eat. SNSD’s last confirmed masterpiece, “Beep Beep”: We wish Tiffany a very happy birthday, love and contentment, and masterpieces to come.