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That Thing Bomi Did

with some boy band back in November.  Why didn’t I write it up before? I saw it on Show! Music Core at the time and it was a thrill, but I just stumbled upon this performance from Music Bank where– be still my mighty heart– Bomi rocks a blue boatneck sweater and slant-zippered black leather […]

Happy Birthday Jiyul!

Dal Shabet’s tomboyish and maternal Jiyul turns 23! This Inkigayo “B.B.B.” from January is a superb show, except they didn’t edit out the tailend transition to a performance by that blasphemous Western-owned band at the end: It reminds me so much of why I love winter. In more recent affairs, here’s Jiyul cooking up a […]

Immigration Insanity

Immigration “news” is so nuts, it cannot be satirized.  Nor does it avail, it seems,  to cast a  vote, or write to Congress, or to your newspaper.  The United States, the world’s third most populous country, struggling in its transition to a supposed “post-industrial economy” and leaving even its most educated native citizens behind as wages sink in a race […]

Happy Birthday Kaeun!

Dal Shabet’s sporty rapper turns 22! In the latest Shabet On Air episode, Serri, Ah Young, and Kaeun participate in one of those Idol Olympics-ie things they do over there.  Kaeun– or Gaeun, if your Romanization that way inclines, shines as ever. Dal Shabet’s ninth record is in the can, supposedly, but Subin’s accident put a […]

Vox Day: Three Entries on the Jews

This week at Vox Day,  a trio of punchy entries on the subject of Jewish influence and malfeasance, and the likely consequences thereof. Next Year in Jerusalem: People have a free speech right to anti-Semitic rhetoric, they have a right to be hostile if that is how they feel, and if any Jew seriously wants […]

A Year Ago in A Pink

A Pink in the MBC radio studio with these light-hearted, playful, boisterous run-thrus of two classic hits, that summer’s glorious anthem “No No No” and previous masterwork “Bubibu”. I’ve posted and annotated these recordings before– many times, probably– and I’ve often returned to them to bask in all of A Pink’s girlish maidenly splendor, musical, […]

The Kiev Sanction II: Ukrainian “Government” Collapses– Why?

From the Los Angeles Times: In a brief statement, [Prime Minister] Yatsenyuk told Parliament, “I announce my resignation in connection with the collapse of the coalition and the blocking of government initiatives.” He criticized lawmakers for gridlock that he said had interfered with the body’s ability to pass measures on issues such as energy and […]

The f(x) scandal

Just out of the gate with what looked to be a highly successful new single (albeit one I think poorly of), SM Entertainment’s No 2 girl group, K-pop powerhouse f(x), mysteriously cancels all promotions. Sulli– who supposedly was bedridden with the flu– has gone missing.  But shows up on a friend’s instagram looking well-covered-up but […]

People are hating on the new Sistar single

–with good reason.  Because it’s crap! –I mean, there’s lots of crap in the world, and in pop music in particular.  But there’s crap that the masses will lap up, and then there’s the crap so crappy you can’t even fake-compliment it as “craptastic” because it goes past craptastic and back to crappy again.  “Craptastic” […]

The Kiev Sanction: background to crisis

WWIII curiously has been averted– almost as curious as the way flight MH17 diverted into rebel airspace.  I guess we can be thankful, in some small way, that Reggie keeps Barry Hussein well-stocked with “good” weed. It may well prove that the Malaysian air flight was drafted to use as a human shield for simultaneous […]

Hayoung in the snow

[NB:  I went looking for this video selfie clip of Hayoung in the snow, which I thought I had posted, but found that I had never finished my draft with it.  This dates from 2014/04/17, and I will simply post it now, as is, with no editing besides this notice and the addition of the […]

Happy Birthday Hayoung!

A Pink’s beloved maknae turns 18! But Hayoung and all of pop’s most sublime and exalted band remain true and pure girls. All the best to Hayoung, today and everyday.  A Pink hwaiting!

Sunshine Single: Girl’s Day’s “Darling”

Back in January, Girl’s Day solidified their position as the thinking person’s SISTAR with the classily sexy “Something”, a megahit which stands (according to the soompi website’s econometrics) as the biggest K-pop single of the first half of 2014. Produced by K-pop studio maestros Duble Sidekick, “Something” also atoned for the blah-ness of their earlier […]

A Year Ago: A Pink wins MBC’s “Show Champion”

–with “No No No”.  It’s a Wednesday show, and already in Korea it’s the 17th, so let’s celebrate now! A mere year cannot wither their roseate bloom, and “No No No” will never fade. As for the present, so many new A Pink activities are rumored afoot– a Japanese-language album, an Eunji solo album, and […]

Single Mom: “Conservatives Are Stupid”

Vox Day commenter Cranberry writes: I overheard two people talking at the gym the other day. One is a divorced 30-ish mom, the other a seasoned old veteran of two wars. The mom was saying something about how the immigration issue was disgusting and she couldn’t see why people shouldn’t be allowed here, no matter […]

Women are Stupid

Hey, ladies.  Barack Obama’s giving your country away to gangbanging orphans with tattoos and Plague.  But not to worry.  It’s summer!!  How you choose to snooze your brain is up to you.  Lotsa’ options! How about 15 Things You Should Never Say to a YA Fan. 5. I’ve never heard of that book. I only […]

Gay “Marriage” Today, Incest the world!

It’s here!  Move aside tranny weddings, the newest new frontier in the Battle For Civil Rights(TM) has arrived!!  H/t Vox Popoli: A judge in Australia has been criticised after saying incest may no longer be a taboo and that the community may now accept consensual sex between adult siblings. Judge Garry Neilson, from the district […]

Attack of the Killer Monster Polar Vortex!

Global Warming Changing is nigh again:  hat-tip to Vox Day commenter Salt:  OMG it’s like that volcano attack the summer the Romantics hung out at Lake Geneva and wrote Frankenstein: Call it the ghost of the polar vortex, the polar vortex sequel, or the polar vortex’s revenge. Meteorological purists may tell you it’s not a […]

Soompi’s first half of 2014 Top Ten

Soompi’s aggregate chart– not always the most reliable, and certainly no infallible, metric– compiles its top ten for the first six months of 2014: 2014 HALF YEAR TOP 10 SONGS: Below are the top 10 songs on our chart in the first half of 2014.  Due to the Sewol Ferry Accident, the music industry was […]

But the honor endures: the latest feats of Roger Federer

Roger Federer, barely beaten in the Wimbledon Finals– but what a great man, just to be there.  For those who have prophesied Federer’s impending mortality ever since Wimbledon in 2008, this is– yet another– astonishing proof of the man’s enormous gift. Novak Djokovic’s large lead in the rollicking Wimbledon final was slipping away, due in […]

A Year in the love of A Pink

The anniversary of the debut of “No No No” on Show! Music Core: And the release of A Pink’s mini-album masterpiece Secret Garden. Korea’s July 6th was my July 5th, and, God be thanked, I was awake and alive to live it.  My eyes and ears opened to this new love, the most gracious and […]

The Fourth of July: Thoughts from Brother Nathanael

Our Orthodox spiritual and geopolitical guru, Brother Nathanael, shares a few thoughts for the holiday weekend, from the suddenly vernal surroundings of his usually snow-streaked mountain retreats: We may say we need, not an “American Century”, but a Century for Americans.  A new era without servile corporatism, globalism, multiculturalism, militarism, and the self-righteous casuistry of […]

“Approach Week” is underway!!

Get in there, people.  The art skank of your dreams could be waiting: [Ed.:  They cut before the climax!]  –Not that sort of climax.  

The Abomination Called “Surrogacy” (and the train that follows)

It never should have been allowed.  Surely a Marxist would call it the ultimate degraded form of “alienated labor”.  A Christian or a Jew should recognize that even the polygamous arrangements of the Old Testament have nothing in common with it.  No contract, no exchange of money, can ever unbind the bond stiched in the […]

Andrea Ostrov Letania on the Jewish Question

Neo-Hegelian film blogger Andrea Ostrov Letania, whose vast Emersonian movie essays often launch into dazzling if unpredictable tangents on history, culture, and nations, provides a précis of her views on the “Jewish Question”, as it now confronts Western whites in an America and Europe dominated by Jewish elitists whose intentions are orthogonal to the interests of […]