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Minxish Myungji leaves Tiny-G

Minxish Myunji, we hardly knew ye: Tiny-G member Myungji has announced that she will be leaving the four-member group to focus on her budding acting career. GNG Production, the agency that handles Tiny-G, revealed on June 27, “Myungji has expressed her desire to focus on her acting career, which she has slowly been developing ever […]

“Ariana’s Announcement”

Commenter Eric recently introduced the topic of a starlet I’ve been meaning to mention here, one “Ariana Grande”, whose name keeps popping up as a news tag whenever I see the bing homepage. I mean, Baghdad may or may not have fallen by now; ISIS or SPECTRE or whatever it calls itself may or may […]

Happy Birthday Seohyun!

SNSD’s angelic child maknae Seohyun turns 23!  Happy Birthday Seohyun! –Things are a little heavy for SNSD right now [Ed.:  You mean like with Taeyeon running around the airport, her eyes full of tears, begging random strangers to please tell her fans all over the world that she’s sorry for letting them down?] —OMG SNSD […]

Pep Squad Pentecost: the demotic demon

All this service needs is The Omen film soundtrack to complete the outrage: –though I’m not sure even one of Jerry Goldsmith’s unhinged cinematic black masses could quite restore any pretense to grandeur. I’m hesitant to affix my typically gauche, sometimes off-color commentary to content that owes a hat-tip to The Thinking Housewife, the sororal companion-site of […]

A shameless obsession: modern women and divorce

In his comments section, Dalrock affixes this observation:  Women are outright obsessed with divorce, etc, and entirely shameless about this obsession. Not only are women shameless about this, but they frame this shameful obsession as something which makes them more moral. –A sad observation I can vouch for.  This is particularly apt in light of […]

“If Nixon was a Democrat in office today, the New York Times would run a front page, above-the-fold story on #YesAllWomen heroine Rosemary Woods and the patriarchal, cisnormative assault on her secretarial skills.”

Can you smell the Pulitzer? –asks Kurt Schlichter in a devastating little piece from the usually rather lowbrow Townhall.  The quoted hypothetical is simply, literally too true. It’s become evident that rule of law is just about over in the United States of America.  If the GOP won’t take the Eric Cantor defeat as a […]

Happy Birthday Min!

miss A’s “bigger than B*y*nc*” Min turns 23!  The most chicly aloof member of K-pop’s most chicly aloof girl group is still a short and young doll though. OMG this is wild!!!  Check it! –I’d never seen this before, I was just shopping around for a “Hush” performance to insert in tribute.  But this is […]

Subin Lives!

Dal Shabet’s Subin, looking somewhat wan for wear, joins the rest of Dal Shabet (and some other Happy Face Ent folks?) to watch some World Cup action: Poor thing.  It’s funny watching Jiyul eat bbq chicken with a plastic glove on, etc., but my thoughts are with poor Subin.  Hope she can dance again and […]

A Pink’s “Crystal” MV

The promised bonus video for Pink Blossom’s jubilant third track, “Crystal”: As a hardcore Pink Panda, I’m happy to have an excuse to watch the girls doing anything.  And this is an illustrious song. In the spirit of honesty, however, I will admit this video isn’t much less of a BTS than the promotional video […]

A brief moment about the World Cup, courtesy of FIESTAR

[Ed.:  Has Baghdad fallen yet?]  –Ah man, who cares about all that old news jazz?  Iraq going to hell is for squares and white people.  “What difference, at this point, does it make?” lolzlzolz In real news, there’s a soccer match going on in Brazil! Okay, maybe there’s a soccer match going on.  Actually, I know […]

A Pink’s “Fairytale Love” (found again)

[NB:  I’d left this in the drafts for a few weeks.  K-pop has moved on from the period of mourning, and A Pink has just released the promised video for their soaringly ebullient “Crystal”; but the unanticipated extra stages (there was also one debut stage on Show Champion before the maritime disaster) of “Fairytale Love”, of which […]

“Imagine what our supposed artists, poets, movie-makers, song-writers could accomplish if they turned their attention, their compassion for threatened ways of life, their horror at injustice, to the impact of the mass non-Western influx on the West.”

–mused Lawrence Auster, back in 2009. Also noted this evening:  “biocentric yuppiedom“.

Dead mules look hotter, have better sense

I know what you’re thinking– and I’m already asking it myself– Iraq is falling to a transnational Al Qaeda empire, Barack Hussein is invading America with a horde of Honduran babies, and how the f**k can you stop and gawp at preggers Chelsea Clinton in a pair of leather-look leggings? Well hell, if a pregnant Chelsea […]

Hail Jesus! and thank you, Mickey Kaus!

The traitorous son of a b*tch Eric Cantor, Quisling Prince of RINOs, lost his primary.  Patriots, populists, immigration realists, take heart:  the Chamber of Commerce is not the ordained minister of our fate.  Jewish globalists can be made to answer.  Common sense still has appeal.  And not all Republicans want to be buttboys for the […]

Eunji: “the energizer on set”

Allkpop preps us for A Pink’s Eunji’s new drama: It has been reported that Eunji always arrives to the set early and gets deep into practicing her script. She’s also the energizer on set with her cheerful charms and is humble enough to consistently ask the director and sunbaes for advice. Fans last saw her […]

Happy Birthday Jiyeon!

T-ara’s once and present maknae, Jiyeon, turns 21! How things have changed . . . . . . and yet the still adorable Jiyeoni is now a solo star! Besides seeing the release of T-ara’s third Japanese album Gossip Girls: . . .  and in all this and more we wish her another happy day, […]

A Pink Innocence

A Pink diplomatically defy once more the endless and impertinent questions about doing a “sexy concept”: When asked when they debuted, leader Chorong shared, “It’s been three years.” MC Yoo Hee Yeol then asked on behalf of fan boys who want to see them do a sexy concept, “Usually, if you’ve promoted for this long, other girl groups start doing […]

In which I finally break down and listen to this “Let It Go” twaddle

–with a twist, naturally: God bless Baek A Yeon– and I hope she has a comeback soon– but, as I might’ve expected, this whole Frozen experience feels pretty mehm. Fun true story– I’m so engrossed with my K-pop monomania and so cut asunder from “mainstream” pop culture, the first time I ever saw a reference […]

Wagner for Coeds

Thomas Bertonneau’s new essay on teaching Literary Criticism (which I reserve for another occasion) links to this related essay on teaching Wagner through the apparatus of the “smart classroom”.  Bertonneau recites some fascinating exchanges with his students: My students are mostly “three-minute” kids–songs that they constantly audit through their “low-fi” ear-buds rarely last longer than […]

Visions of Delight: Suzy, Eunjung Pictorials

Two charismatic goddesses of K-pop make fresh splashes in spring pictorials of shimmering splendor. miss A’s Suzy: revealed some of her photos taken during the pictorial shooting for the recent issue of Oh Boy! magazine. Along with the pictures, the singer and actress also wrote, “Oh Boy! Oh Suzy” on her Twitter.  Most of the pictures […]

“New data comes along . . . .”

An anonymous commenter at isteve tosses into the free-for-all at the review for the new X-men movie this gem: Race is a biological construct. All races are the same except for … color of skin new data comes along … and type of hair new data comes along … and type of nose new data […]

I hurt myself

I hurt myself laughing at this.  Half the people in the comments, I see after I hurt myself, also hurt themselves watching this.  I have tears in my eyes.  I’m not even sure how long it took me to figure out this has been gif-fed up a bit.  Yet what was already there on screen […]

Europe Tosses in Slumber

Did you know croissants were made to be eaten in mockery of Islam?  They’re crescents, and you eat them.  This started, it seems, in Spain, in the days when the Infidels reigned in Andalusia, before they were driven out and Spain, purified, spread its empire across the world. Maybe I can eat a Pepperidge Farms Brussels cookie in […]