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A Pink’s Week at No 4

–So it’s only No 4.  I’ll take it.  The race goes to those with the longest legs, and shockingly, AOA’s “Miniskirt” was still on there last week at No 45.  Not that that puts “Miniskirt” ahead of Girl’s Day’s “Something”, which had three weeks at No 1 and three weeks at No 2; but it […]

Happy Birthday Hyomin!

T-ara goddess and soon-to-be side project soloist Hyomin turns 25! The years pass, but the glory remains the same. [Ed.:  Is it still Christmas?]  –Dude, it’s only May.  And it’s Hyomin’s birthday! Allkpop reports from an interview: She said, “In the past, I was very excited and liked it, but now I think about my […]

Happy Birthday Yoona!

SNSD Lead Visual and vocalist-dancer Yoona turns 24!  We love you, Yoona! But thy eternal summer shall not fade, Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest . . . The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem For that sweet odour which doth in it live . . .

Rationalizing Big Government and Big Debt

From Timothy Taylor’s The Instant Econimist: What are the trends in overall federal spending over time?  First of all, as a share of GDP, federal spending hasn’t shown any upward trend over recent decades.  Back in the early 1960s, federal spending ranged from about 19 to 22 percent of GDP.  It was a little higher […]

Happy Birthday Ah Young!

Dal Shabet’s glorious beauty, vocalist, and actress Ah Young turns an–ah!– still young 23! Ah Young does seem to nurse some concern lately that she’s getting a bit long in the toof.  Kitted up in their “Supa Dupa Diva” outfits for a recent performance, she (and Kaeun) seemed a bit freaked out: –Oh dear.  Embarrassed […]

Get well, Subin

Dal Shabet’s Subin was in a car accident the other day.  Her injuries sound minor (no fractures detected)**, but the vehicle she was riding in was reported overturned, and her manager received some injuries to the shoulder and/or collar.  She was being ferried home after a nighttime tv schedule. I hope she will be back […]

A Pink’s Second Week At No 1

After three weeks holding at the prestigious No 2 slot on the soompi chart, A Pink returned to No. 1!  Congratulations, A Pink! –With a slew of new and delayed debuts, a slide in the charts is only to be expected going forward, but Pink Pandas can rightly rejoice in “Mr Chu”s rich reception, solidifying A […]

A Pink on “Music Core”: 20140517

After their spree of canonical debut and show-winning stages, A Pink was compelled along with the rest of K-pop into a long hibernation due to the Sewon disaster.  Now, after those many weeks nursing that great early run through repeated re-viewings, we have a late windfall of new performances which, though they won’t repeat the […]

This makes me so hot, yo

–that’s not an ebonics “yo”, that’s the real deal, Korean “yo”, yo. What with all the weeks of canceled music shows in Korea, I’d seen this credit on the charts but had never heard the song until I made a concerted effort to track it down on youtube.  [Ed.:  You mean you typed the title […]


This article’s summary of recent reports on STEM employment and would-be employees puts a stake through the heart of Silicon Valley’s selfish plea for more immigrant workers, and I’m all for seeing that stake poke through Zuckerberg’s backside.  But, conservative daddies who demand the kiddies do STEM degrees because they’re “useful”, take note: In looking […]

Happy Birthday Gayoon!

The lovely and full-throated 4Minute member turns 24. Here, looking radiant in a way not afforded by that last comeback’s awful music video I hate so much. [Ed.:  It says here she actually helped style that music video you hate so much.] Rrrghhh. . . . Well, it wasn’t the clothes so much I objected […]

A Pink’s Third Week at No 2

—on the soompi charts.  Once more, congratulations A Pink! This weekend sees the first “normal” broadcast of Show! Music Core since before the Sewon catastrophe.  After performing special stages of their epic ballad “Love Story” for a few memorial-themed broadcasts, A Pink returned with a cheerful and purple-stained stage of “Mr Chu” for Wednesday’s Show Champion: –Great Eunji […]

The USDA wants submachine guns

I hear, here and there, that it’s getting to where every last federal government worker is armed to the teeth.  Can it really be that Washington is creating an internal security army by weaponizing all the fedgov bureaucrats?  An isteve commenter (Mr. Anon, to be precise) notes: I wonder how serious our government is about making […]

Happy Birthday Sunny!

SNSD’s Sunny, of whom I have dreamed (she poured me champagne and talked to me!), turns 25! So she was 22 when I first knew her?  Oh, the hours, the hours . . . .  But they have only dulled my own sense and looks and fortune, for she is ever radiant and beloved and […]

A Pink’s “Love Story” on Music Core

As promised, the Show! Music Core “Love Story” stage.  Wan but beautiful, Eunji leads her emotive bandmates in this latest iteration of A Pink’s exalted ballad in a quasi-memorial broadcast for the still-grieving Korean nation. In passing, I note that, as of this writing, both MBC and SBS’s official youtube channels have boasted A Pink performances […]

A Pink’s Children’s Day Stage Of “Love Story”

A Pink’s live performance of “Love Story”/”Fairytale Love”/etc., for Korea’s Children’s Day 2014, in the shadow of the Sewon disaster. The dramatic telephoto shots, framing the members against the roughly swaying foliage, look like something out of Kurosawa’s Ran.  The majestic, anguished viridescence is most affecting, a quality least lost on our angels themselves.  Chorong’s parting shot is […]

A Porcelain Doll Frozen In Time

From an allkpop puff piece [Ed.:  Why repeat yourself?] on K-pop groups where the oldest and youngest members seem to have switched roles: In Boram (born 1986) and Jiyeon‘s (born 1993) case, it’s not really quite that Jiyeon looks older than she is – it’s just that Boram has the ultimate babyface. Boram smile makes her […]

A Pink’s Second Week At No 2

A Pink held steady on the soompi charts this week for a second week at No 2.  Congratulations, A Pink! As noted, A Pink also won M! Countdown this week for a second time with the return of “Mr Chu”. The latest Gaon Charts put “Mr Chu” at No 3 on the digital singles chart, and ranks […]

A Pink Wins Yet Again

Ne!  What with the ferry disaster and the multiweek hiatus all Korea’s music programs took in the time of mourning, I figured by the time we ever got back there would be new winners, and A Pink’s glorious string of five all-kill show wins would be all they’d ever get. But– some music shows have […]

Sexy Concepts: A Pink’s “I Got You”

Though musically one of the simpler offerings in the A Pink catalog, this dance jam from the latter half of their full-length album Une Annee becomes increasingly infectious with each listen: And the lyrics are charmed in the best A Pink style–chastely playful, vaguely spacey, and innocuously sexy– as when rocking that mindscrambling  “Naege dagawa” […]

Benghazi: The difference, at this point, it does make

Althouse commenter Megaera writes: Just because these questions still trouble me — and it troubles me more that no one seems to be asking them — we talk about the 4 dead men, but who points out that but for 2 acts of open disobedience the death toll would have been 39 and we might […]

A Pink’s Week at No 2

–on the soompi charts.  Because we’ve been with them every step of the way of this comeback, it feels only right to solemnize yet another praiseworthy milestone.  Congratulations, A Pink! The latest Gaon chart puts “Mr Chu” at No. 4.  Pink Blossom physical album sales are at No 5.  Curiously, the “Social Chart” has T-ara’s […]

Dream Theme

One thing I always wished as a child would happen but never did was to wake up from some awesome dream and then get to dream it, or something like it, over again. Somehow, a few years ago, that started to happen.  What neurological mechanism enabled this feature I have no idea, or even if […]

May Day

May is here!  Thus is the season when, as the poet sang:  “The pasture gleams and glooms/  ‘Neath billowing skies that scatter and amass.”  Now in the vernal grass young lovers will share those “close-companioned inarticulate hour”s of budding, hopeful love; or else abide the ills of parties as did Miss Woodhouse when she ventured […]