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A Pink Wins the Present


A Pink wins the future

Wikipedia must have a magic 8 ball: A Pink performed a snippet of “Sunday Monday”, a track on their album, in addition to a full performance of “Mr. Chu” on KBS’s Music Bank on April 4. This was followed by additional comebacks on music programs including Mnet’s M! Countdown, , MBC’s Show! Music Core and […]

Dal Shabet’s “B.B.B.” (album review)

[I’ve been punishing myself with the unfulfilled duty of penning some sort of official notice of Dal Shabet’s B.B.B. album all winter, this being, as it were, the “winter of 2013-14” record here at la casa del Somesuch.  With every new “last snow of winter”, I determined I would write up a review, and with […]

Spirits still, and bright: hearts leap up to await “Pink Blossom”

Youtube listener krider2698:  I can’t choose a favorite song!!! THE’RE ALL SO GOOD. I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER FOR THEIR COMEBACK AND ALBUM ;________; GOD HELP ME GET THROUGH THIS WEEK TO PREPARE FOR THIS AWESOME ALBUM RELEASE AND COMEBACK. –We feel you, sister/person.  Oh God yes, we feel. At allkpop, crossroads0922 writes:  well i […]

K-pop dreams, Saturday morning

–I watch an audio teaser for Pink Blossom, Namjoo cooing some little melody, an astonishing beauty, the revelation of all my musical hopes confirmed!– and in my dream mind I repeat and repeat this little motif to myself– who knows what it really sounded like?– thinking, “I must not forget!  I must not forget!”, for even in that […]

Happy Birthday Boram!

T-ara’s Boram turns 12 14 28! It’s been another year of twists and turns for T-ara, but some things will never change–like the compendious exuberance of their discography, or the porcelain exquisiteness of our Jeon Rambo’s voice and figure. Sad to say, the parsimony of our friends at Universal Japan makes it next to impossible to […]

Warren Beatty’s Back

They said he’d never work in that town again. But the megalomaniac playa and writer-producer-director-star is finally moving–I’d say “rolling”, but are we absolutely sure he’s begun shooting?– with his long-nursed Howard Hughes (or maybe it’s just Howard Hughes-inspired) pic. While Beatty the auteur may not be quite the caliber of Coppola or Bertolucci, I’ve always admired his ambition […]

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to adopt Haitians

H/T to esteemed GLP commenter peterike:  A startling, hardly-have-to-read-between-the-lines account of the true face of multicultural horror.  The horror is not a “mother” abandoning her “son” (frivolously adopted children are not your children).  The foolishness is beyond belief:  the status-mongering frivolity of a woman who wanted “an instant multicultural family”.  Indeed, apparently she still has one, since […]

Heard from the depths of Hell: “God, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!”

Because how else could Satan pull off so monstrous, so low, so devious a blow against everything pure, beautiful, and good in this world– as this. Baudelaire said, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”  I am not deceived. I see your hand, Adversary.  And one sweet day, St. Michael the […]

Salon K-itty pop: the sad Weimar sleaze of 4minute’s “Whatcha Doin’ Today”

Somebody on the comments thread for the teaser said that the new 4minute video was going to be a bunch of “gay shit”– and they were right. Knowing this track was going to be produced by Brave Brothers, already my hopes were dim.  Last year’s first Brave Brothers-produced 4minute single, “What’s Your Name?” was mildly […]

The Revelation of James Bond: how “The Living Daylights” foretells current events

The other night I was thinking about how, in The Man With the Golden Gun, James Bond doesn’t just save the world from some threatened evil (total nuclear war, total orchid poisoning of the Earth by a madman in space), but actually does something that should have fixed an existing, ever-present evil in our lives:  to wit, Bond […]

Shimmies Towards Bethlehem

From God’s own Arsenal of Beauty, A Pink, a new hope draws close to consummation:  the most anticipatible album release of my lifetime: From the world’s most divinely beloveable band: Coming off the height of the historic acme of pop singles: Now, foretelling untold splendors yet to be revealed: New wonders.  New love.  Only.  A Pink. […]

Crayon Pop blasts into the past to win the future

Tidings of the comeback that should secure Crayon Pop in the K-pop pantheon.  From soompi: Crayon Pop will be taking off their helmets and donning Korean traditional attire instead. On March 12, Chrome Entertainment stated, “Crayon Pop’s comeback will start with their showcase on March 29 at the Gwanghamun Square. The stage costumes for this […]

Sound of Summer

The last small heaps of snow– still they cling on, desperately defying the sun!– soon shall be gone.  Soon enough it’ll be time again to sleep all day and wake all night–that really worked for me last summer, about the time this was part of my repertoire: Actually this performance is new to me.  Alas, […]

Happy Birthday Taeyeon!

SNSD leader Taeyeon turns 25.  Let us celebrate with that great 2012 video for their splendid Japanese ballad, “Time Machine”. Not that she needs a time machine– but it’s there. [Ed.:  Maybe they could use it to go back and pick different producers for their latest single?] —Pshshtt!!  This is not the time or place […]

Global Climate Changing is real, again

Today (or was it in the night?–I slept in late) we had fresh lashings of snow.  The previous snow was only but a lash, but it lasted into the next day.  This new snow was two or three lashings– but the Sun did the great indignity of springing out to melt it off.  All afternoon the […]

A Pink Death Star of Disco

It’s a Roly Poly alternate universe broadcast of “The Dinah Shore Show”: Is Dinah Shore the name I’m looking for?  I dunno.  I was three and I thought it was broadcast from Heaven or something.  As is this.

“T-ara Bunny Style! Day 11”

Because there is no “T-ara Bunny Style! Day 10”. This is the big caesura in the series, actually, because the videographer who took ill is replaced, and the dynamic of the series changes.  It was about this time in the series that I slacked off last year and never quite finished watching them all, even […]

“T-ara Bunny Style! Day 9”

Back in the day of False-ara Ahreum, they tried to lend her credibility by letting her duet with Soyeon as if somehow her False-ara voice were the 2nd strongest in all of T-ara.   As if! But never mind all that: it’s time to rock a mall! Ne!  Jiyeon craves affection!  Screaming fans, ginormous multitiered mall […]

L’Annee derniere avec Alain Resnais

Seminal Nouvelle Vague auteur Alain Resnais has died.  The director of Hiroshima, Mon Amour, Muriel, and L’Annee Derniere a Marienbad remained a prolific and influential filmmaker to the end of his 91-year life.  His final work, Aimer, boire et chanter, was released February 10th. Like Jean-Luc Goddard, Eric Rohmer, Claude Chabrol, Jacques Rivette, and Agnes […]

Happy Birthday Chorong!

A Pink, the world’s most belovable band, finds its Leader and eldest member Park Chorong arrived at her 23d birthday: Listening Sunday to their debut Seven Springs of A Pink album, I marveled at the vernal delicacy that’s been their trademark from the start, and how that translucent, hymeneal sound has only strengthened and matured into something […]

Congratulations to Alfonso Cuaron and Emmanuel Lubezki

Alfonso Cuaron is not the successor to Bernardo Bertolucci I’d hoped he would be– his Y Tu Mama Tambien was a grave disappointment– but as a populist filmmaker he’s dazzling, and he and his fellow Oscar-winner and career-wide collaborator, the cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, are among the truly great visual maestros in the history of cinema.  […]

T-ara, sometime roughly a year ago: “T-ara Bunny Style! Day 8”

Hey, my brain is shrinking!– or at any rate, dates are confusing.  Did “T-ara Bunny Style!” change itinerary midway?  The dates don’t match up.  Or it doesn’t look like they do.  And hey, what happened to Eunjung in this one?  She’s not in it. [No wait: she passes by in Boram’s dream sequence]  Mystical mysteries unveil themselves! […]

T-ara A Year and a Day Ago, Today

Because I watched the Budokan concert in full for the 2nd time last night, I’ll try and not feel too guilty that I forgot that “T-ara Bunny Style!” resumed not with March 2nd, as I had thought, but March 1st.  We are now a day behind and so, to begin, we must catch up with […]

The Hugo Awards, and the fat people who feel unsafe there

I know that the contentious sci-fi writer and Christian gamecock Vox Day (Theodore Beale) is something of a bête noire among my faithful readers, but as a frequent peruser of his non-game blog Vox Popoli I’ve been treated to many an inside-baseball discussion of his contentious relationship with the Science Fiction Writers’ Association (SFWA), something which, […]

T-ara in Budokan: The Complete Concert

Widely considered the most important event in the history of World Art.