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And God Created A Pink

At the adorable dawn of a career trajectory that escalates beyond the infinite, “Mollayo”: Advertisements

Dal Shabet: “Pink Rocket” on stage

The maximalist bubble-pop techno insanity of Dal Shabet’s “Pink Rocket” doesn’t really lend itself to a “live” rendition, but the girls give it an honorable, and visually pretty, run-thru in this early Inkigayo stage: Later in the promotions, a severely truncated edit gets trotted out on Show! Music Core: Of all the masterworks in the K-pop canon known and […]

“Bubblegum Scorsese”, etc.

This year The Hollywood Reporter promises five behind-the-scenes talk-thrus with scathingly honest Oscar voters.  I don’t know if this director is the one from last year (last year’s thought the David O. Russell film was indifferently edited, and this year’s says the new David O. Russell film is brilliantly edited, so perhaps not), but here […]

“T-ara Bunny Style! Day 6”: one year later

T-ara’s Japanese snow may have melted away, but “T-ara Bunny Style! Day 6” is one of the most T-ara Bunny Style!est “T-ara Bunny Style!” Days ever!: Thrill to Boram’s outrageously cute introduction!  Watch T-ara hold a summit meeting with their Japanese apparatchiks to look at pictures of themselves in a magazine!  Watch Boram leave a […]

Byte-Sized History: The Pharaohs on Immigration

From The History of the World in Bite-Sized Chunks by Emma Marriott: A period of stability in Egypt, known as the Middle Kingdom (c. 1938-1630 BC), followed a century of severe drought, famine and the collapse of central government. Thereafter, Egypt’s pharaohs restored the country’s prosperity and stability, by securing its borders, increasing its agricultural […]

T-ara’s Last Snow Day, One Year Ago Today

Soyeon introduces, and another exhilarating installment of “T-ara Bunny Style!” starto! Bear with False-ara Ahreum primping, for then we get to ride around with the True T-ara members endlessly repeating nasally bits of amusing Japanese before rocking another autograph event at the mall! O-M-G SECURITY BREACH!!!  Lolzlzolzlozollzlolz Oh Eunjung, you’re so distractable. Ne!  And then […]

T-ara’s Snow Day, One Year Ago Today (2/23/14 ed.)

Qri holds an umbrella under the snow, and shyly introduces another day of T-ara snow daze in “T-ara Bunny Style! Day 4”! Ne!  One year ago today, Japan slugs through a pile of snow to watch T-ara sign some autographs and then ride around for more fun and gentle hijinks in the fresh-fallen snow.  Watch T-ara pace […]

Back in the EUSSkraine: Davos Man Buys Himself A New “Revolution”

The government of Ukraine has been toppled, as if by Soros magic.  Britain’s Independent writes: The details still need to be decided, but the revolutionaries have won in Ukraine. Some elements of the old regime may survive, but that is precisely why the protesters on the “Maidan” (Kiev’s main square) don’t trust the mainstream politicians […]

Happy Birthday George Washington!

The first and greatest American idol: On the one hand, I was summoned by my country, whose voice I can never hear but with veneration and love, from a retreat which I had chosen with the fondest predilection, and, in my flattering hopes, with an immutable decision, as the asylum of my declining years—a retreat […]

T-ara’s Snow Day, One Year Ago Today

Promoting “Bunny Style” all over Japan early last year, T-ara released a daily video diary of their total-immersion Japanese experiences.  This consummate viewing experience was much beloved by me about this time last year, except that somehow I got behind on them and never quite finished viewing all the latter ones, though I watched the […]

T-ara to Tango: “First Love”

T-ara’s back– or one-half of it, anyway– to contribute to frequent T-ara collaborator  Cho Young Soo’s showcase album with the tango-inflected single “First Love”. Soyeon, Hyomin, and Jiyeon are joined by rookie rapper EB (the girl who looks, from a distance, sorta like Qri) from some pre-debut girl group Cho is managing.  I’d’ve preferred to hear […]

K-eeping it clean

I had thought that on the basis of commerce alone, last year’s resounding triumphs by Crayon Pop and A Pink over all the more relatively sexualized girl groups would’ve been enough; but January’s spat of “sexy concepts” in K-pop, many of them pushing new frontiers in bared skin, provocative choreography, and sometimes vaguely kinky subtext, […]

Bliss it was to freeze in that dawn

Morning:  desperately digging our cars out of last Wednesday’s snow. Afternoon:  passengers hanging their filthy bare arms out the sides of rolled-down windows. What a foul mistress is Mutability. I miss my winter already.

Ellen Page Came Out

–Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody had paid her to stay in the closet all this time.  Maybe there’s a GLADD fund set up just to keep all the obviously gay Hollywood celebrities (or the lesbian celebrities, anyway) officially “on the downlow”.  By doling out one little coming-out party every couple of years, they can […]

Aristotle: On Judicial Activism

Now, it is of great moment that well-drawn laws should themselves define all the points they possibly can and leave as few as may be to the decision of the judges; and this for several reasons.  First, to find one man, or a few men, who are sensible persons and capable of legislating and administering justice […]

“Do You Know Me” on mnet

Was “Do You Know Me?” a commercial disaster for T-ara?  I’ve been nudging the question around inside my head.  As an almost-immediate follow-up to a comeback single (“Number 9”), by common K-pop practice the expectations aren’t riding as high:  these comebacks are more like an wedge to keep the momentum going (and to justify a repackaged […]

I Love You, A Pink

So simple, so ingenuous, it’s almost eerie, like something staged by David Lynch for one of those heartbreaking halcyon scenes of beatific weirdness before something else, inexplicably awful and evil, explodes across the screen. But no explosion here, and the word ‘evil’ cannot be further away: it’s  just A Pink singing a little tune of love, covering S.E.S. […]


The unappetizing-looking SNSD comeback has garnered some contextual interest in the wake of: It has been revealed that Girls’ Generation’s upcoming music video for title track  “Mr.Mr” encountered a mishap with loss of data during the editing  process. According to an exclusive report by OSEN, during the editing process for  Girls’ Generation’s music video on the […]

Pudding Pop and Paratroops: Patriotic Dal Shabet

Can I add Dal Shabet to Crayon Pop’s ranks as part of a covert right-wing vanguard in K-pop?  soompi reports: On February 12, just two days before Valentine’s Day, Dal Shabet gifted the 13th airborne special forces brigade with 3000 sweet pudding deserts, in support of the troops who have been having a tough time […]

Happy Birthday Subin!

Dal Shabet’s tallest, youngest, and most vocally potent goddess Subin turns 20! Subin also recently claimed her first songwriting credit with the B.B.B. minialbum’s ballad  “Just Pass By”! [Ed.:  Uh,–]  –Shut up. Not that long ago, Subin put together her own little solo medley of the Dal Shabet discography too. –It’s more entertaining if you already know […]

SNSD: Pink Widows in Satan’s Service?

Oooooohhhh dear:  it looks like the SNSD comeback is going to be some bizarre, twisted David Lynch-“dark” Korean horror movie torture-porn type narrative. What in Satan’s fiat dollars is up with this? SNSD killing their rich husbands?  Inflicting Cronenbergian tortures on the operating table?  Dudes waking up as girls? What!? [Ed.:  Sounds like Bernankification to me.] […]

Nixon: now, more than ever

H/t Gucci Little Piggy, who links to this slate liberal Tanner Colby’s  lament over the failures of Affirmative Action (which is just not doing enough!), in which Colby gives this horrifying portrait of Richard Nixon’s “racism”: That Richard Nixon was racist is well beyond dispute—he believed that, moral objections to abortion aside, the practice was justified […]

Happy Birthday Naeun!

A Pink lead visual and Christian goddess Naeun turns– good Lord!– 20. And the A Pink comeback– possibly the most momentous event in the history of Art– draws nigh.  OMG this record is gonna be like if Brian Wilson didn’t use drugs and go insane.  Or like Andrei Tarkovsky came back from the dead.  Or, […]

Happy Birthday Sooyoung!

Polyglot K-pop goddess SNSD’s most acknowledged Sooyoung turns 24! Well, Sooyoung, even if you’re off the market, you’ll always have my goat.  That is to say, my heart.

January’s “Sexy Concept” Girl Group Comeback Quartet: in February

A roundup from the February 1st Show! Music Core broadcast: The reigning hit of the new year, Girl’s Day’s “Something”: AOA’s less satisfying but more successful follow-up to “Confused”, “Miniskirt”: Rainbow subunit Rainbow Blaxx’ “Cha Cha”: –I confess, my inner submissive lesbian is kinda jammin’ on that scary looking backup dancer  [Ed.:  Am not!!!] –And […]

6-shot: T-ara’s “Target” at Budokan

OMG !!!  IT’S LIKE ABEL GANCE’S NAPOLEON— TIMES TWO!!!!! [Ed.:  Hey, where’s Brian De Palma with a bucket of blood?]  –Get with the program, Jack.  It’s the very second coming of the World-Spirit on horseback– or the World Spirit with an electro backing track– T-ara in concert! What a delirious overload, like gazing into six […]

What “nation”?: Of Coke and Country

A “nation”, as defined by the Concise Oxford American Dictionary:  a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. Well, Americans don’t have “common descent” or a common culture.  We don’t really teach our own history anymore, or at any rate we don’t celebrate it, […]

The Sickly “Sexy” Side of K-pop, and the feminist slags who like it

I shouldn’t bother for a minute, and if I took the time to sign up at soompi to engage this twit, I’d wind up losing a lot of such minutes, so I won’t, but I just can’t pass by in total silence while this wretched idiot (who calls herself “Roda Sewage”!) writes: sexy is confidence, sexy […]

Dal Shabet’s “B.B.B.”: 흰색

I need to do the new Dal Shabet single as much justice as I can, especially considering those guilty first couple of days when I was trying to decide how much I like this.  As faithful readers will surmise, it has long since enjoyed the role of my January jam– not least thanks to its curiously cheering wintry sparseness– but it’s […]

Assyrian Apocalypse: Lord Byron’s “The Destruction of Sennacherib”

Byron’s “The Destruction of Sennacherib” was one of the first lyric poems I discovered and loved as a child, a distinction which won’t necessarily commend it today.  The poem portrays a sort of divine vendetta, God’s Death Wish for the pagan horde, and who today wants to cop to digging that?  Famous sinner that he […]

I could’ve watched the Superbowl

but I prefer more right-wing forms of entertainment. Did I miss anything?

설날 Greetings From A Pink

Pop megagods A Pink deliver their Happy Lunar New Year salutations: Ne!  The three-day holiday festivities continue, and even if their third and final day has already dawned in the Eastern Sea, the new New Year’s celebrations continue.  [Ed.:  Meaning, you’re going to continue to enjoy doing just what you do all the time anyway?]  […]